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The Top of the Castle


One day on a poor island lived a young servent girl named Ell. She worked for her father in order to have ten minutes break a day. On a very high hill on the edge of the island was a old castle. She wondered what was in that castle, but then remembered that there were rumors or something going about saying that you werent aloud in there. Ell knew that the castle was forbidden but couldn't think why.

On her 10 minute break she went to go and see this castle, on her way up the hill was an old lady, the old lady was staring at her. Ell had enough so she went over to her to say hello just to start a conversation. all that the old lady said was, "if you are on your way up to that castle then there's no point because it's forbidden and you cant get in it!" All Ell said was that she knew but then the old lady said something intersting.......

"well there is one way that you can get in, through the small space just at the bottom of the castle. Like a hole really"
"Ok thank you very much but i didn't really need to know that"
Even though Ell just came up to have a look at the castle she had bigger things in mind like sneaking into the castle to see what's in there.
When Ell finally reached the castle she stood there for ages about half an hour (way over her break time) She just couldn't resist going through that small hole into the castle. Ell stared and stared at the hole but nope she just couldn't do it.

Ell went inside through that tiny space at the bottom of the castle and went right in the other side. Ell was suprised there was nothing there accept for the walls and the floor and well dust. Of course there was something else, a long spiral staircase. Ell didn't know what to do, should she go up and discover or just come running back to her mean father again? In the end Ell decided to go up and discover, she didn't think anything bad could happen.

As she tiptoed up the staircase onto a landing with loads of boxes on she didn't care about those boxes all she cared about was getting up to the top of the castle, only because she had heard many stories before about there being treasure up there. Ell only thought that if she came face to face with treasure then she would never have to work with her father again and she would be rich.

Anyway Ell caried on up the second lot of stairs and after about 5 minutes she came to a door, no landing, no step, just a old crooked lopsided door.
She turned the handle. The door creaked. And she was in a room. And to her suprise she came to a closet which was not open but had no handles, but there was a lever next to it.
She slowly pulled the lever down and the closet doors opened...

Treasure shouted Ell "Treasure" there were gold, silver, necklaces, braclets, rings, and all sorts, but then a little voice was yelping from the back of the closet saying "help me please help me" Ell lifted all the treasure without thinking twice about what was saying that, that she removed it all and a little misty creature came floating out in mid-air and then a word came out of it's mouth, Ell looked closely and it said,"Jealously"

Ell had entered Jealously into the world and there's nothing she could do about this. Maybe Ell or someone like you will think twice before going into or doing something you shouldn't have done. And that's the myth of Ell and the top of the castle.

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