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Never Laugh at Maggots

Somewhere in the country-side, England

You should never laugh at maggots. They may look like harmless little things, that the only harmful thing they can do is give you an illness but no, their minds are twisted and evil, wanting revenge for you using them for fishing or squishing them under you shoes when you kick up a piece of mouldy apple.

One boy named Benny Sticker taunted the evil things and it did not go well...let me tell you his story...

One warm summers day Benny wanted to go fishing at the lake but his parents said that they did not have any money to pay for the bait so they said to go and find maggots or worms. "Maggots?!? Worms?!?" Benny yelled in anger. "I am not going near filth like that!" Benny's father was also a keen angler.
"Either maggots, worms or no fishing at all. I used maggots all the time when I was a kid." He said cooly.
"Father! They used maggots in the middle ages! You are such a rotter!"
Benny's mother came in the room at the same moment. "You rude child! Don't talk to your father like that or I'll whack you so hard you won't be able to sit down for weeks! Now go get some worms or maggots or else it's whacking time!" Benny's mother was quite scary at times but that wasn't the worst, infact that was a bit nice for Bennys mother.
"FINE!" Screamed Benny and with that he stormed into the garden. "Filthy stupid little things you maggots aren't you!" He muttered to himself. "And for getting me into trouble, I am going to hang you on a hook, drown you and use you to get supper!"

The maggots heard this and they were not pleased. "Oh, but Benny. You can't really think of harming us would you?" Said a cruel and harsh voice. Benny stopped in his tracks looking a bit scared. "Who said that? This is private property you know!" He swung his head this way and that looking for where the voice came from.
"We are down here Benny" Came the voice again. All Benny could see was the compost heap in the corner.
"Are you over there? Because if you are then my father will call the police you know!" There was a short and evil laugh. "Benny, Benny, Benny. Your parents are been taking care of right this second" Came the voice.
"Right that's it if you don't come out now I will call the police! I have my phone on me!" There was a small slithering noise, like that of mixing porridge in a pot.
"Fine dear Benny, but please don't scream. We will have to shut you up if we do..." Benny wanted to run but his feet where glued to the ground.
"We?" He manged to get out.
"Yes Benny, we. Let me explain" And at that, a large wave of what looked like grains of rice came out of the compost heap. Benny manged to un-glue himself and took a step back. "W-what are you?" There was another laugh, but this one was like a large crowd all doing it at the same time.
"We Benny, are your worst fear"

Benny realised what the white wave was...Maggots. Hundreds and thousands of them all making one giant sweeping wave of horrible, sqirming, slimy maggots. "N-n-no! You can't be maggots! you just can't!" He ran into the house to find his parents. But when he came in the living room, he was too late. Lying on the floor were his parents (Or what was left of them anyway) covered in tiny holes which inside Benny could see...maggots...

He knew he had to get out of here so his feet broke into a run and he slammed his fist on the front door and swiped it open. he opened the door a large wave of the twisted maggots came falling down on him. "You can't escape Benny, you know you can't...Plus you know to much about us so we have to dispose of you..."
Benny felt the maggots crawling across him covering him up until only his head was left.
"No! please!" He cried, but it was too late as the maggots rose above his head so he could not breath and soon little Benny was dead...

And that is why you should not laugh at Maggots, Worms or any other thing that could seem harmless... but as you just learned...they're not...

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