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Zeia And The Sea Monster

Aztec times, Mexico

Long, long ago in Aztec times there was a king called Citlalli he had three sons called Zeia, Axoquentzin and Acacitli. All their family was very pleasant but there was another family which were not pleasant their father was evil. There was one girl called Tayanna, but it was awkward because the second son was in love with Tayanna but the father did not like it so he tried to kill Zeia. They lived in a village in a jungle under a big mountain and on top of the mountain was a big cave which had water going down and out to the sea.

The evil father told the King that Zeia could have a challenge but the King did not know that the father was evil. The father told Zeia the challenge. Zeia could not believe it. But he whispered to the evil king “My father would never say yes to that!”
“I’m sorry he did.”
But Zeia wanted Tayanna’s heart. He travelled so long he almost could not move he was struggling a lot. He had some water and food which kept him going. After he had some food and drink he had to try and find a god but he thought he didn’t have a map. However he did, yet it took him 4 days to find a god!

When he found a god he was called Tezlatlipoca the god of magic, war and death. The god gave him 2 things, a flying potion and a diving suit. Zeia was amazed, the stuff he got was just what he wanted.
“Thank you so much”
“You’re welcome” answered the god.
Zeia found the god on top of his house which was the top of the tree made of fire.

Zeia had to go back to the village after that he had to go up to the cave. Next he had to go down the cave water. So he put his diving suit on. “Right here we go!!” He went down the water to the sea. Then he met the beast it smelt like rotten fish. It looked like a green lepracorn and it was very long. The beast was made out of lots of eels put together. The beast was so long he nearly was longer than 2 hump back whales! He lived in a ship wreck. He was green and he was covered in dots which look like spots. His name was called the Sea Monster.

The beast’s weak spot was his whole face. Zeia tried to punch and kick it but it only got angrier but luckily he had metal glass and his diving suit. Zeia grabbed the beast’s tail and swung it to the sea floor the beast screamed like a baby. Zeia thought he had done it but the beast stood its ground and came running to Zeia. Zeia threw a knockout punch to the beast. The beast fell to the ground. The beast went 5000 feet down. Zeia was so happy he killed the beast so he quickly swam up from the water and took his metal glass helmet off. Then the tricky bit was he could not get back up the waterfall because he could not swim up, he thought he would not be able to get back to the village and get Taynna’s heart, but then he thought” Ahh I know what to do I’ll climb up to the top and then to the cave”. Zeia did that and flew back to the village.

The evil father was livid so he got really angry an nearly killed Zeia but Zeia took out his sword and stabbed the evil father in the heart, he fell to the ground with a big thud. It was the most happiest day of Zeia’s life, Tayanna and Zeia got married .


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