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Prince Zeia and the Ugly Monster

Aztec times , Mexico

Long, long ago lived a prince called Zeia, he was the 1st son of Xoco , she had 3 sons in total. Prince Zeia had killed 10 lions before so he clearly was brave and very strong but Prince Zeia was very old too, bet you never knew that? He lived on a forbidden hill because it had lots of hungry ghosts on it that only come out at night and they stayed there because it was really comfy there and Prince Zeia gave the ghosts lots of food because when him and his friend were in a fight the ghosts gave him advice in how to stop the fight.

Prince Zeia had seen a beautiful girl he wondered if the girl wanted to come to his Dad’s party, his birthday was on April the 11th . It was April the 9th today so prince Zeia asked if his Dad if the beautiful girl could come to the party. His Dad said “Yes if you get the best celebrations from Yatalan (place of war), if you get the celebrations you may bring that beautiful girl round to the brilliant, perfect party.”

As soon as possible Prince Zeia ran out of his house and ran to Yatalan (place of war) so he could get the colourful celebrations. It was a big forest there were lots of knights guarding the best celebrations because they wanted the celebrations to be safe and also so Prince Zeia could not get the celebrations. So he hid behind a tree so no one could see him. He had a plan and there was a fox standing right next to Price Zeia he heard every single word he said. It was a good fox but how could the fox help Prince Zeia?
Suddenly he remembered he had a book on him, not an ordinary book, it was a spell book! But he had no wand to do a special spell. Just the a god came down from the sky, his name was Tlaloc. Tlaloc gave Prince Zeia a magic button that electrocutes monsters. In a flash Tlaloc flew up into the air. He disappeared straight after he gave the magic button to Prince Zeia. However Tlaloc left a special note. It said ‘There will be a big creature there so this button is to kill the monster, it is hiding somewhere in the trees.'
But Prince Zeia did not look at the note. So he killed the guards standing next to the celebrations, because they wanted to keep the celebrations to themselves. But suddenly a big giant monster came out behind the trees and made a big roar!

The big giant ugly, slimy monster came out behind a massive tree. Prince Zeia thought and thought of how to kill beast, so he ran back to his house. He took the note with him. This time when Prince Zeia got back to his house he read the note. So now Prince Zeia knew that a beast was after him and knew that the button was for killing a ugly beast. Now Prince Zeia was thinking of a plan to outwit the beast. So he ran back to the monsters and he turned himself into statue. Prince Zeia could throw stuff at the monsters but the monster could not throw anything at Prince Zeia. Just then Prince Zeia threw a stone at the beast. The beast looked around thinking ‘Who threw that at me?’ So the beast turned around to see if someone was behind him. No one was behind so the beast was furious.

Suddenly Prince Zeia jumped out of the statue and ran and ran in a big flash so he started to kill the monster with the button. It didn’t work so he tried again, it did hurt him but the monster was even more furious. So the monster slapped Prince Zeia it really hurt him but then he knew it was not time to give up so Prince Zeia killed the monster , because the big monster had a weak spot all around his green, slimy belly. Suddenly there was a big shake from the ground, the monster was dead! Prince Zeia was the proudest man in the world.

The next day Prince Zeia came back with the celebrations! Everybody was proud of Prince Zeia. So he asked the beautiful girl if she wanted to go to the cool party. The beautiful girl said “Yes and my name is Atzi.”
They had the best time of their life because the party went on for 24 hours. One year later they got married and lived happily ever after.

The message of this myth is good defeats evil!

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