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Prince Zeia and the Monster

Aztec times, Mexico

In Aztec times there lived brave Prince Zeia who lived in a village called Yoatlan. Prince Zeia lived at the far end of Yoatlan, in a cottage, next to a dark forest. He was very strong and tall . Prince Zeia had a father called Acalital they were very poor.

One day they saw something in the dark forest, because the sun was glimmering. Prince Zeia decided to go into the forest but all he saw was a bird eating a worm. In the middle of the village he found a crowd of people next to the beautiful castle. Prince Zeia whispered to his father “why are they all crowding around the beautiful castle”? The father just ignored him and went back inside and Prince Zeia followed.

One day Prince Zeia decided to go up the steep road to see why they were all crowding the castle. He got up to the top of the hill and saw a beautiful princess called Atzi. Prince Zeia fell in love with her, he ran back home and told his father, but his father fell to the floor and shouted “NO!” Prince Zeia did not know what to do he told his father he would do anything. His father got back up from the floor and thought for a while and frowned but then he decided to set him a challenge .The challenge was to go outside through the dark , gloomy forest and go into the cave and get all the money he could find.

Prince Zeia decided to help his father so he tried to look for all the money he could, and that’s where his journey began.

Just when everything seemed to be going well, he heard someone saying that Zeia has to travel to the dark palace called Matixco, where he would find Tezcatlipoca, who would be waiting with the golden ring that will guide you on your journey and also when you point it at something it would freeze and then it will crack or there is a block of fire that will blow up the monster. Prince Zeia went to the dark palace on his way he saw lots of bats and when he got closer to the palace there were 100s and 1000s of ghosts.

Meanwhile Prince Zeia arrived at the palace and started hunting for Tezcatlipoca, he saw lots of guards that were ghost and millions of statues. Behind him the big, dark wall shook, what a shock the wall shook like brunches swaying in the breeze. He walked up the stairs and nearly slipped on them, he knocked at the door and saw Tezcatlipoca sitting at his golden desk. The ghosts were very spooky and Prince Zeia was very scared. Tezcatlipoca gave the block of fire to make the monster blow up and a golden ring to distract the monster so it can look at it and then freeze to death and then fall apart.

Prince Zeia walked down the stairs as quick as a mouse. He opened the door and returned back to his camel and rode back home and he could still see all people crowding around the beautiful princess. Without warning he came to the forest where nobody goes, he heard some noise in the forest and smelt cheese. Just then he heard some scattering and got down from the camel and started getting closer to the forest he saw pitch black but when he touched one of the trees and it felt like smelly porridge, it tasted like a big can of a cabbage truck.

Meanwhile as he was getting closer he started to see a big , dark cave, he looked around nobody was there so he decided to walk into the cave. The cave doors shut he was trapped!! It seemed like he was in a big dark jail that he could not get out of. When he got deeper in to the cave he started to get the block of fire out because he was getting deeper and deeper. He got to the middle and the light turned on like magic he saw a big, gigantic monster. He tried to run but he was trapped, he jumped onto the wall and tried to find the monster’s weak spot but the monster shook and Prince Zeia fell to the floor!

He got up he got the block of fire and blew the wall up, that distracted the monster so Prince Zeia could get the ring out. Prince Zeia had to put a peg on his nose because the monster stunk like a gigantic packet of rotten cheese.
”Let’s get that monster so I can get the beautiful Princess Atzi.” In about 2 minutes the monster was dead and Prince Zeia survived!! He got the treasure and went home.

The next day he was still on his camel because it took three days to get home. Prince Zeia was very tired but he was so excited because he wanted to get married to the love of his life and that was Princess Atzi. When Prince Zeia got home he went to his father as quick as a flash and gave him the treasure. And then went to go and find the princess. Prince Zeia asked her if she would marry him.
“Only if you get the glass stones from the forest!”
“Ok” laughed Prince Zeia.
Message: You always have to overcome evil.

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