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AcocitIi and the Lost Treasure of Earthquakes

A myth submitted to the site by Joshua Sexton

Aztec times, Mexico

Many years ago even before your great grandmother was a twinkle in her father’s eye’s lived a young man called Prince Acocitli, he was the 3rd son of the king of Earthquakes .His dad is so evil he sent him on lots of quests every morning. But! Prince Acocitli was stowing he could lift up the hammer of Thor. That afternoon Prince Acocitli’s evil dad shouted at him to go on a quest that will change his life forever! It was to kill a beast that lived in the mountain.

A couple of minutes later Prince Acocitli ran out of
The town into the deafening darkness of the wood…
“Hello is anyone here?” shouted Prince Acocitli.
No one replied…
In a few seconds he heard a bush shake it was his dad trying to stop him from succeeding, but he did not know that his son knew that it him so he changed himself into a serpent and slithered away into a different bush.
“Sssss I won’t let you get away sssss”
Prince Acocitli said: “dad I know it’s you so show yourself!”
All he had heard was “ssss” and saw a SERPENT!!!

Just at that moment he saw Tezcatlipoca. He gave prince Acocitli a very rare diamond sword to defeat and kill the beast if you want to Prince Acocitli
“Ok I will take it” “ brilliant whispered Tezcatlipoca but before you go you will need my magic to protect you, here take this bag and only sprinkle a pinch full or you will die and no god can bring you back.”
“Ok I know the danger” said Prince Acocitli. But do you remember our evil friend Acocitli’s dad but we never mentioned his name, his name is Mictlantecuhtl.

Tezcatlipoca said, “When you go to kill the beast look out for the lost treasure of Earthavokes.”
“By any chance is it the city’s treasure?” asked Prince Acocitli.
“Yes” replied Tezcatlipoca. In a few minutes later Prince Acocitli found a bottle which said “drink me” on it. Before he could drink it he heard a voice which he heard say “do not drink it, it is poison.”
He said “who is it, show yourself.” Nothing replied so he carried on with his journey. His dad put a trip wire in the way of Acocitli, but of course Acocitli saw him.
“I cannot wait” said his evil father. Acocitli was feeling relieved his evil father caught him, but he did not catch little bit of evil poison. The poison will make you so evil you could rule the whole world. Tezcatlipoca gave him the cure that can get him back to normal again.
“Thank you Tezcatlipoca”.
“No problem” replied Tezcatlipoca. In two minute’s time Acocitli found the mountains of the moon in Africa.

“What a journey” out of breath Acocitli said. He found a clumsy African person who he did not know where he was!
“You go North, no you go West, actually you go South, no you go East.”
“I’ll go my own way now thank you.”
“At last the mountains of the moon,” shouted Acocitli. “I’m going to climb it” challenged Acocitli, “I’m out of breath. Oh my, it is beautiful, but must be no.”

Without noticing Colosis dived at Prince Acocitli. He swung his diamond sword at Colosis, but it did not work. He did it again, the same thing happened. He kept on doing it. On the fourth swing of the sword he got distracted by the lost treasure of the Earthquakes. Colosis’s could breathe fire and he did it at Prince Acoctli. Prince Acoctli ducked to touch the treasure, but Colosis grabbed at him and said “do not touch that. It is mine.” Just at that moment his father walked into the beast’s lair. He said, “I’m sorry to say this, COLOSIS, kill him!” He remembered the two minutes and then he did the two hits and Colosis is dead. Prince Acoctli wins the match. “Man, I’ve got to kill my dad” said Acoctli. “Actually you don’t have to kill me. You can arrest my dad. Don’t ever take me out.”
“Ok” said prince Acoctli.

“So dad where is my award of 2000 tons of gold and the magic from Tezcatlipoca” said King Acoctli. “Don’t ask me, you’re king now” replied his father.
“All right, room service” shouted King Acoctli.
“Yes sir, what do you want sir?” said the servants of the castle. “I want 2000 tons of gold and magic that will make me young forever” replied king Acoctli. And king Acoctli lived forever…

By Joshua Sexton
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