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The howling witch

A myth submitted to the site by Panther

Camelot, in the time of King Arthur, England

Long ago, in the time of king Arthur there lived a beautiful girl named Isabel. She was the fairest maiden in the town of Camelot. But she was no ordinary girl, for she had powers of which she did not know.
But there was a witch in the village who knew of Isabel's power, and she did not like it!

One day when Isabel was walking in the square the witch invited Isabel inside her house. It was a cold night and Isabel accepted the offer gratefully, she sat upon a low stall inside the witch's house and the witch handed her a broth. The hot, steaming liquid swirled inside the goblet and Isabel took a sip of the enticing drink. As soon as the liquid touched her rosebud lips she felt some how drowsy and as she felt it trickle down her throat she fell off the stool and lay slumped on the floor.
"There there my little beauty," said the witch "Go to sleep now." And as Isabel closed her eyes a tear rolled down her cheek.

Isabel woke up the next morning and looked around her. She was in a dark, damp cell, her hands chained behind her back. She shouted for help but nobody heard her but a young man out in the square, when he looked around for the source of noise and saw nothing he thought it must have been the wine that he'd drunk last night playing tricks on him.

Isabel was kept captive for many days and many nights. On the 13th day of Isabel's captivity the witch came in to her cell to torment her.
"Look at you! All in rags!"
"Let me go!" Shouted Isabel, rattling at her chains.
"Now I shall turn you into a wolf and the kings knights shall hunt you down!"
"Don't you dare!!" Screamed Isabel, but it was too late; the witch started to hiss under her breath.
"Please save me. Please save me." Whispered Isabel over and over again, something yellow shot out at Isabel and she pushed her hands in front of her face as if to shield herself and some how that made the spell backfire on the witch! The witch screamed in rage and Isabel saw the witch's neck lengthen and fur started to grow all over her, her toe and finger nails became talons and her fingers shrunk back into her hand, then in a mass of fur and fury the witch bounded away.

Isabel walked back into the square and saw her mother. Her mother screamed when she saw Isabel, they both dropped what they were holding and sprinted towards each other.
"Where were you?"asked her mother
"Oh, I just ran into a friend, that's all!" said Isabel, and they walked back together through the square.

That night when Isabel was all tucked up, safe in her own bed, she thought she heard howling coming from the hills. She smiled, rolled over and went back to sleep.

By Panther
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