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Gwandila and the Mala

A myth submitted to the site by Juliette Kingscote

Long long ago, in a forgotten, forest there lived a vicous, old lady who's husband died 30 years ago, in a result of her misery, which is why she was so depressed. She lived in a small cottage at the end of the forest, her company was only a small, deadly creature called the Mala who was trained only to feast on crunchy young boy's flesh, fortunatley, there were lots of boys in the village. There were only 6 boys left in the forest.

Soon all the boys had been eaten, apart from Dwangila, a tough boy who has escaped from every meal the Mala had. He was so upset he was going to be eaten so on the morning of the day, he ran. And ran. And ran...

The Mala is quarter bat, with his wing as dark as a black raven in the night. He is half bunny, with ears as white as as a bride on a white cloud. He has deadly x-ray vision eyes and fangs as sharp as a pen knife, because his face was third vampire. Finally, he has leapard hands as huge as the 100ft wide summit of Mount. Everest.

Meanwhile, back in the village poeple were starting to worry about Dwangila but the old lady swore that she had never fed him to the Mala! At this time the Mala was getting hungry so he set out into the forest on a quest to find the Dwangila, his supper.

Dwangila kept on running, about 10 minutes later he heard trampling footsteps, it was as if they were getting closer and closer... Dwangila looked behind him and saw the Mala licking his lips and charging. " Uh oh." Dwagila muttered.

Dwangila jumped up onto a tree, although the Mala persumed Dwangila had gone into the distance therfore he kept on running (such a thick creature) soon he ran straight off a cliff edge( his wings were tatty) to his death.

Dwangila heard a thump and immediatley ran to the village. Everyone was over-joyed. His mother hosted a great feast. However, back in the small cottage at the end of the forest lived a miserable, sad, vicous old lady planning her next creature...7x

By Juliette Kingscote
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