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The Secret Of Ancient Rome

Long long ago, when gods and goddeses ruled the lands, there lived Perseus, a humble servant of King Etromena. Perseus had short chesnut hair, gigantic muscles,and a hairy chest. His eyes were as blue as the deepest ocean, and his cheeks were as red as blood. He wore a small tunic, a leather belt, as well as old leather sandals. In his belt he kept his magic stick which could turn people to stone! He lived alone in a small hut, just outside of the kingdoms towering walls.

The kingdom was gigantic and right in the middle there was Etromenas castle. In the castle there lived the King, and his beautiful daughter called Atlantis. She had long waving red locks, and eyes as green as the greenest grass. Perseus wished for her hand in marriage, however he never told anyone, because he had no-one to tell!

In a collosal cave, under the collosium there lived a Limaera, a huge evil creature who loved to feast on human skin. The Limaera had eyes as black as night, and wings as sharp as knives. His snake tail was deadly , as it could bite you at any time.

Every night, the Limaera flys above the kingdom in search of people who dare to stay outside, so he can eat them for his midnight feast !

One day, when Perseus was cleaning the castle, the king asked to talk to him. "Perseus" he said, "I am setting you a challenge. Go and kill the Limaera, so it can stop terrorising my subjects. Then you will have my daughters hand in marriage!" Perseus accepted the challenge and set off with his magic stick .

Perseus went off in search for the Limaera , and one night he followed the Limaera to his cave, and then he waited ... As soon as the Limaera came out of the cave, Perseus pounced on him and plunged his spear into the Limaeras neck. The spear was in ! The Limaera started to fly away, but Perseus just managed to whack his head with his club.The Limaera dropped to the ground dead. Perseus immediately pointed his magic stick at the creature. And it turned to stone ! Then Perseus picked up the stone creature and dragged it to the castle. Meanwhile, Princess Atlantis was getting ready for her wedding , (because she knew Perseus would succed) .

When Perseus returned to the castle, King Etromena was shocked, and he jumped behind his throne."Never bring your trophies into my castle again!" he shouted. "You may now marry my beautiful daughter, and you can wear this magic cloak. It will save you from anything!" .

Perseus was married to Atlantis, and they were as happy as could be. And every time Perseus went out to get them food, he always wore his magic cloak, just in case !

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