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Lurking in the Forest...

A myth submitted to the site by Lydia Randell

Long,long ago,there lived an ordinary little girl called Penelope. She had hair as black as ebony .she was only 5 years old but she was very,VERY curious about ...the forbidden forest.

But anyway she climbed over the brick wall and wonderd into the forest.

Deep lurking in the forest, there hid a third eagle third aligater and a third bat. People named it the EAGATAGATOR!!!! Its eyes were as red as rubys (but no where near as nice as them though!)tail as bumpy as a tree trunk, screech as vicious as a 8 headed tiger! but the most horrorfiyng thing of all was it was undefeatable.Thats why the forest was forbidden.

Usally, Penelope's nan let her play in the garden,but now penelope did a mega jump over the brick wall and bumped into the forest ground.Suddenly she felt strange,something watching her.she felt a slight breeze on her neck ,she spun around there was... nothing.

But she helt her magic pendant and flew up a tree.
Then she reconised a statue from a myth her nan told her, "thats the home of... no it cant be! the home of the ... EAGATERGATER!!!!!!!!!" THE BEAST GAVE A FUROCIOUS ROAR!
"wow someones in a stropy mood" teased Penelope. But suddenly she fell of her tree and the eagatergater chased her aroud the forest. but then penelpe said something she shouldnt , she said "i wish he would freeze" and hey both tuned into stone, and you can still see them at this day!

By Lydia Randell
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