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The Jadeagle's Pit

A myth submitted to the site by Lauren Clifford

Long, long ago in anceint times, in Egypt, in a pyramid there lived a lady called Cat. She had ruby red hair, chocolate brown eyes and Rasberry pink lips. Cat is magical as she can freeze time, for as long as she stands on one foot. She is very friendly any - one would be lucky enough to meet Cat. She's nearly got a whole village of friends!
Cat lives in a scourching hot country, Egypt. Living in a pyramid she sometimes acts like a queen. All of her walls are made out of sand - bricks, Cat loves her pyramid so much she's never want to leave it.

There is one problem in Egypt, though, there's a Jadeagle that has a magic stick that turns people to stone! Everyone so far has been Cat's friends, how she's love to defeat the Jadeagle. As everyone fears it.

Underground in a sandy deep pit there lives a Jadeagle. A huge sly, monsterous creature that has fearful feathery wings, Nails as sharp as knifes and a tail that swings like a bat. No - one likes the Jadeagle, no - one at all!
The Jadeagle has a powerful magic stick, with a flick of his stick people nearby turn to stone!!!

Meanwhile Cat started to walk to the Jadeagle's under - ground deep sandy pit. Her heart thudded nervously, but she knew one day it had to be done.
Pegesus, her flying Unicorn, Bent down for Cat to climb aboard.
Flying with the breeze flowing threw there hair, they suddenly landed...
As soon as Pegesues hoves thumped onto the ground, the Jadeagle awoke...

Cat didn't notice but soon she felt breath waving onto her back, she turned round in shock!
Without a second thought Cat quickly stood on one foot and shut her eyes. Everything went silent.
Cat had frozen time. Hopping her way to the Jadeagle she grabbed it's magic stick and snapped it in two - well that was her plan.
She accidently dropped her foot to the floor and unfortunatley the Jadeagle turned Cat to stone...
Luckily Pegesus breathed fire over her and she was back! She did her plan and the Jadeagle promised to never harm anyone again!

Soon after the Jadeagle stick had been brocken everyone turned back to life again and congratulated Cat. Pegesus was rewarded with a big bowl of food and everyone was so pleased that Cat had helped everyone, so they had a party in Cat's pyramid.
To this day if you go to Egypt underground you may hear a little sob or cry from the Jadeagle.

By Lauren Clifford
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