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The Myth of Chloe And The Fire Breathing Kragon

Long ago, in the dusty, sandy land of ancient Eygpt, there lived a girl named Chloe. She was a slave for Cleopatra, a rich and wealthy Egyption godess. Chloe had two other friends called Mark and Beth. In fact, they were both slaves for Cleopatra too. They all lived in a pyramid together lika a family.

In a cave far away from their pyramid, their lived a Kragon. A Kragon is half whale, half dragon. Chloe is a brave, pretty and not forgetting strong. Mark was strong, wimpy and polite. Last but not least, Beth. She is very unpredictable, because you nver know what she is going to do next. But there is a big big secret Chloe, Mark and Beth those arent their real names. Those are just there undercover names. There real names are Chloaraetus for Chloe. Leboy for Mark. Lastly, Bethbrecon for Beth.They arent scared of the Kragon except for Mark of course. But the rest of the village fears the Kragon.

The Kragon lives in a deep, dark, pitch black pyramid. With horrible egyption words written on the Pyramid blocks EEEK.

Everyone fears the Kragon because when it looms over the houses its shadow stays on the house because its so dangerous. The Kragons home is a deep, dark, smelly, old pyramid on the edge of Egypt. The Kragons claws are as sharp as knifes that cut steel. His mouth squirts toxicated water at people its so scary.

One day Cloaraetus had to try and get the gold and babies back from the Kragons pyramid. So quietly Chloaraetus entered the Kragons pyramid. The Kragon heard something so he checked the entrance and saw Cloaraetus and he chased hetr around the pyramid base. Suddenly Chloaraetus turned around and grabbed her magic monkey toy out of her pocket and turned around and turned the Kragon into a block of ice. After that, she grabbed the gold and babies and ran out.
Then, she returned everything to their owners . Will the Kragon break out of the ice, we will never know. ..............

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