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Percy and the Cycsa

Long, long ago in ancient greece there lived Perceus who was a demigod. He was a demigod because his father was Poseidon god of the sea but his mother was a normal human. He also had a faithful freind Samius who was not freaked out when Percy opened his sword or controled the sea. Samius also had a sword made out of celestial bronze as normal swords would not harm any ancient beasts. They lived in a cursed city every night at twelve 12 o clock a monster from the underworld would steel a person and return them the next midnight and they would be solid rock with no flesh...

Deep under the city there was a portal to the underworld and every day a Cycsa would steel someone and return them as stone. The Cycsa is half medusa half cyclops.Its hiss is loud and deadly.If you heard it the safest thing to do is close your eyes and run. Nobody stood up to the cycsa.

One day the king told Percy and and Samius to hunt down the cycsa and kill it The only way down to the portal was a dark deadly and old dungeon as soon as they got to the underworld they could smell flesh as soon as they heard the cycsa Percy whispered wait but samius ran straight to it and got eaten...And all that was left of him was a skeleton of stone

Percy knew what he had to do so he climbed a wall and jumped on the cycsa .Meanwhile the king was waiting to give Percy his own part of the city!and Percy returned with the beasts head and claimed the part of the city.

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