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The Queens Stupid Wish

A myth submitted to the site by Saphiya Othman

Enfield, Great Britain

The Queens Stupid Wish
Long ago when the world was young there lived a beautiful Queen with blonde hair, a white pale face and a white, blue and purple dress. This woman was called Queen Gossip. Her palace was filled with newspapers full of the latest fashion tips and dramatic heartbreaks. She also had gold that she never wanted.

One day there was a quiz between two girls called Star and Angelina.”I am so going to win this game” murmured Angelina. Angelina got all of the answers right and Star got all of them wrong.
”What a dummy said Queen Gossip, so hilarious ”Star wins” "That’s not fair screamed Angelina , "I won fair and square!” Angelina got furious and gave Queen Gossip a big mouth by casting a spell on her.
”Hay, Queen Gossip I think you should stop talking , you mouth seems to be getting bigger” giggled Angelina.

One day Queen Gossip met a goddess who was starving.”Excuse me you seem hungry would you like to join me for diner?”
”I’d love to!”said the goddess.”This was a lovely diner “ said the goddess.
”Your welcome ”said Queen Gossip. The goddess decided to grant a wish as a reward to Queen Gossip. Queen Gossip wished to be the prettiest girl in the world. The goddess thought it was a crazy idea but she granted it anyway.

A few weeks past and every single man in the castle couldn’t take their eyes of Queen Gossip.”This has gone too far I need to give my wish back ”said Queen Gossip worried. She felt very sorry for the other women. The goddess took Queen Gossip’s wish back. Queen Gossip learnt that no matter how you look your beautiful in the inside and out.

By Saphiya Othman
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