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Orphion and the Hydra

A myth submitted to the site by Thinod

Greece, Greece

Long long ago, in a faraway land there was the kingdom of Oakdale. In that bustling vast kingdom there was a grey, cracked castle. Surrounding the gigantic castle there were beautiful yellow tulips and blood red roses planted on the luscious emerald green grass. Up above, spongy white clouds were scattered everywhere. In a nearby forest the majestic trees were as green as a pea. The castle contained a youthful courageous man named Orphion who had black spiky hair and sparkling, sapphire blue eyes. He lived with his beloved father called Diomedes.

A few days later, Orphion’s dearly loved father was kidnapped by the evil, wicked king John! The young man was devastated and shocked, his whole life was just a drizzle of darkness. Then he thought he should go and regain his father but the only thing in his way was the nine headed Lemaen Hydra who lived in a paraphernalia cave. In order to get to the scaly Hydra’s cave he had to go underwater. So he set off to the Hydra’s dark gloomy underwater cave.

While he was sprinting to the sea he stopped to get his diving gear. Invisible Orphion grabbed his metal, uncomfortable diving gear and pounced into the calm, sapphire blue ocean. As he was swimming he saw a giant shark with razor sharp teeth. When the huge grey shark got extremely close to Orphion, he punched him really hard. Orphion watched as the shark sank deeper and deeper into the crystal clear sea. So the young man continued his journey to the Hydra’s whiffy cave.

After he arrived the devilish beast was asleep. Brave Orphion’s footsteps woke the monster up and he leaped out a booming thunderous roar. The Hydra attacked the fearless Orphion, but the youthful man just fought back violently. Orphion got his sword and chopped all of the Hydra’s heads off. He quickly grabbed a head and dashed back to the kingdom of Oakdale and ran to the room where his father was held captive in. In the palace the wicked king John stared at Orphion while the Hydra’s head was looking into the king’s eyes. As quick as a flash the evil king turned into solid stone. The young man got the key to the lock on the cell. He jumped for joy as his father was set free.

When Diomedes and the hero returned home Orphion’s mum made them two a cup of boiling hot chocolate each to warm them up. After that they all got tucked up in their comfortable bed.

By Thinod
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