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The Return of the King

A myth submitted to the site by Milan Tiji

Liverpool, London, Hastings, England

In the 16 century, Britain was captured as slaves to this evil conspiracy which wanted a great deal of power.Their leader was Edward Kips, an evil general who only loved money and world domination. He came to a small part of Britain named Liverpool, back then it was known as 'Parva' meaning small in Latin. Him and his conspiracy arrived in ginormous black ship along with 10 other wooden, brown ships.

The king had got a letter about this battle and had his troops march all the way down from London to Liverpool."We need to send our troops immediately before these rascals take control of this place, we need to stop this conspiracy!" shouted the king to his messenger.

Once the conspiracy had reached, they began to invade Liverpool, burning buildings, stealing shops and capturing people and using them as slaves. The kings troops had arrived but were outnumbered by the conspiracy and sent them cowardly running off. The king was outraged after hearing this monstrosity. After that, Liverpool was under the conspiracies rule and it was a very dangerous place to go.

10 years later, as the conspiracy was dominating more lands and still ruling most of England, a young man known as Arthur hatched a plan to stop the conspiracy. He got a group of freedom fighters to help him fight and stop these menacing people. No one knew were he was from or who he actually was. The king was very pleased of his work and his plans to stop them. The king asked his full name but Arthur didn't answer.

The king led his troops to Hastings were the conspiracy was living and an unearthly war broke out. The kings army once again was defeated and the king was badly wounded. Arthur never seemed to be there and the king went back home with what was left of his troops.

"Why weren't you there Arthur, we had lost badly. Most of my troops have lifted up into heaven now since you weren't there. What is the reason for this?" asked the king miserably.

"I weren't there because you wasn't in trouble," replied Arthur.

"We lost so many people out there!" shouted the king.

"Next time call for me," said Arthur.

The king was so confused he didn't want to say anymore. By this time, most of England was under conspiracy rule and more people were held captive and was being tortured. The king had enough. He had got some more troops to march back to Hastings to the Conspiracy fortress and invade. Quickly the kings troop had been outnumbered and the king was on the point of death as a gleaming sword held by Edward was pointing at the Kings neck.

"Oh Arthur, where are you!" Shouted the king, Edward looked down and laughed as everyone else was just fighting. He got his sword ready to insert into the king when a deafening shout of an eagle made all of the battlefield shake.

Arthur came riding on a horse and in his hand he held a shiny new sword.He came rushing over and started fighting with Edward and the conspiracy. He slashed his sword so swiftly that it looked like he had no sword. His black hair followed him as he fought and his blue eyes was looking carefully.

After a couple of hours of fighting the war was over. The kings army had won like the turtle win against the hare. All the conspiracy had gone and Edward was living no more as Arthur had struck him down with a slash of his sword. The king had travelled back home and freed all the people of Britain. But after the war the king had never seen Arthur again. He wondered where he was but he never seen him again. They thought he had died in battle and had a funeral service for him.

Years later, as the king was getting older a wise man came to the king.

"Your majesty, remember Arthur, I done work about him and an old legend said he was our king from long ago. He never died but said, when England is in its most trouble, he will wake up and save us. He also had that sword Excalibur," said the wise man.

"So that was King Arthur," replied the king.

By Milan Tiji
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