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Galahad and the Blue Mist

A myth submitted to the site by Isabella

Camelot, Camelot

The mist was rolling in deep as a small child wandered into view, this child’s name was Galahad. This small boy was named after his great-uncle Sir Galahad who died in the Holy Land at his own request, completing the Grail quest. Galahad was wandering through the dam when he heard his mother calling him.
“ Galahad, Galahad supper is ready hurry up!” his mother screamed.
“ Coming mother” Galahad yelled back and ran off to his mother.

The very next day, Galahad went out to collect small mushrooms, the mushroom field was only a few minutes away from his house. As Galahad wandered away from his mother, he thought he heard a soft, gentle voice calling for him.
“ Galahad, Galahad,” the strange voices said.
The voices continued on asking him to come closer and closer but Galahad had heard these voices before, his mother and father told him that these voices tempted people to come closer and then they would never return.
“ Come on, come on no one will know” the voices whispered
“ No I wo won’t” Galahad said
Galahad had started to run but the voices never stopped. Galahad tripped. His pants got stuck in a branch. He couldn’t get free. The voices were getting closer and closer. Galahad curled up in a small ball, shaking. He could hear voices coming closer and then he was sure they were right in front of him. He gentle opened his eyes, there in front of him was a magnificent blue mist.

Galahad slowly stood up, his arms and legs shaking with fear and amazement. He followed the blue mist into a cave. The blue mist suddenly vanished and there in front of Galahad was a glimmering necklace. Galahad couldn’t help but wonder what this necklace had to do with the blue mist. He slowly walked up to the necklace. Reached out. He put his palm around the necklace and grabbed it. Surprised at heavy the necklace felt, Galahad slowly walk backwards and then bolted outside.

Galahad didn't stop until he was home. The necklace still shone. Galahad thought he might put it on to tell his parents. That is when the trouble started. Galahad put the necklace around his neck. The piece of jewellery started to lose its shine. Galahad confused at why the necklace lost its shininess he took a wrong turn and was heading straight towards the lake of Sir Gawain.

Galahad didn't know he was heading towards the lake of Sir Gawain. As he slowly came to realise that the necklace was now a dim necklace with just a plain circle in the middle. Galahad gradually came closer to the lake. He tumbled in. His head rolling back and forth. Galahad couldn't swim. He was sinking faster and faster. Until his body well and truly under water. The necklace rose of Galahads neck and back into the forest pleased with what the blue mist had brought him to kill.

The necklace was a very powerful piece of jewellery who tricked people and led them towards the lake of Sir Gawain. Galahad was never seen again, but the blue mist kept rolling in tricking more people into the lake of Sir Gawain.

By Isabella
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