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Night-time Magic

A myth submitted to the site by Christina C

It was a freezing cold night, and Kelly was out for an evening stroll.

She tugged her scarf tighter around her neck, wishing she hadn't decided to come outside. The problem was, she hadn't been able to sleep. Just before she had gone to bed, she had been watching the news with her parents. There had been a girl murdered in Kelly' own town, and it left her very afraid. Thinking that fresh air may do her some good, she had sneaked out of the house.

As she walked down the alleyway, a trash can tipped over out of nowhere, sending smelly junk all across the path. Kelly jumped in fright, then relaxed, picking her way across the rubbish. She stepped on something, and suddenly it started glowing from under her foot, so she picked it up. It was an amulet, with a mysterious moonstone set right in the middle. Kelly shivered, slipping the amulet into her pocket. Why would someone throw something so precious away? Unless...

"How dare you step on me!" Kelly was scared speechless when the amulet seemed to start talking in a deep, firm voice. "I am the Amulet of Aniya, and my powerful magic knows no bounds!" The amulet started steaming, as if it was extremely angry. Kelly dropped it, for it was about to burn her hand.

"I - I'm... I'm so sorry!" She stuttered, reaching down to pick it back up.

"And so you should be!" The amulet boomed. "Now I shall release my demons into your soul!"

Kelly screamed, and threw the amulet onto the concrete. It shattered into a million tiny pieces, and she watched, horrified, as ghost-like wisps emerged from the shards and faded into the night sky.

She ran down the rest of the lane until she got to the park. It looked desolate and uncared for, dark shadows looming on the dewy grass. Kelly gulped as the swings creaked, as if there were more ghosts playing on them.

She started to back away, to go home, but then an image of a dead girl flashed in her mind. She laughed hysterically. What was the point of coming outside, when if anything, she was more at risk here?

Fueled by this thought, and still laughing like a madman, she ran onto the swings, kicking off strongly, laughing even more when she imagined her outburst scaring all the ghosts away. As she swung, she saw a small gate at the back of the park that she hadn't seen before in daylight. Her laughter fading away like the amulet demons, she ran over to investigate.

The gate was so tall that she couldn't see over it, so she knelt down and peered below. She screamed again, because looking back at her was...


Kelly smiled at the kitten, which had squeezed through to her side of the fence. It was a fluffy black one, completely the opposite of the murderer she had expected to meet eyes with. She scooped it up, looked into its bright green eyes and said, "I'll call you Ebony."

She unlatched the gate and peered around the side.

"And who are you?" Kelly was confronted by a tall witch on a broomstick.

"Oh, I'm, I'm Kelly." She looked down at the kitten. "Is this yours?" She enquired.

"Hmm, yes, I should think so." The witch glared at Kelly. "You are a very curious girl. You know, curiosity killed the cat."

Ebony mewed in surprise.

"So," Continued the witch, "I have a deal for you. Either, you go back home and fall asleep. You will have no recollection of what happened here on this night. Or, I kill you. Simple, is it not?"

Kelly nodded, handed Ebony over to the witch, and ran home.

The next morning, as promised, she couldn't remember anything about last night. Although, she was left wondering why a fluffy black kitten was snuggled up next to her on her pillow.

By Christina C
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Name: Sandy 2nd April 2013
I like it because it intresting and very exciting.
Name: Lauren Benny 23rd March 2013
good ill give it 9000/20 0000000
Name: Daisy-jane 21st March 2013
Very great and a lot of good faces and ideas
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