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Lariadne and the Golden Mirror

A myth submitted to the site by Bubblybubbles

Luxor near to the Valley of the Kings, Egypt

A long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl called Lariadne she was as good as gold.
Lariadne lived in a small cottage with her father near the woods.
Her father was not at all rich and he couldn’t find a job.

One day, Lariadne’s father decided to move to another cottage that was next to King Thendeseus’s castle so that he can get a job.
It was very far and it took them nearly seven hours to reach the new cottage.
As they were walking they met King Thendeseus and his army and at the second the King saw Lariadne he fell in love with her and Lariadne loved him too.
He decided to take Lariadne and her father to live with him in the castle.

The next day, a bad King called Promdenteseus knew that Lariadne came to live with King Thendeseus and he was jealous so he wanted to get rid of Lariadne thus he could live in peace.
So the next morning Kind Promdenteseus sent a gift to King Thendeseus for him to give to Lariadne.
The King was pleased, at last he can give a present to his loving girl Lariadne but what King Thendeseus didn't know was that under the wrappers of the present was a golden mirror; a poisonous golden mirror!

So in the evening King Thendeseus gave Lariadne the mirror and asked her if he could marry her and of course she said YES!
The next afternoon, there was a great wedding where King Thendeseus and Lariadne, who is now known as Queen Lariadne were married.

And the next day, Queen Lariadne looked at her self in the golden mirror the king had brought her. Suddenly, there was a spark on her forehead and three goddesses appeared one was the goddess of death, and the other was the goddess of illness and the last was the goddess of poison and then a fourth goddess came out of the mirror but this goddess was the goddess of love! All four turned and swirled around Queen Lariadne. The goddess of illness worked first then the goddess of poison but the goddess of death disappeared because the goddess of had love worked and King Thendeseus came and rescued Queen Lariadne and she told him the whole story.

So the next day, King Thendeseus traveled to King Promdenteseus and fought him until he won and the reason King Thendeseus fought him was because he was the one who sent the golden mirror to him.

When he came back, he told Queen Lariadne that King Promdenteseus is the person that sent the mirror.
The next few days King Thendeseus and the castle doctor looked after Queen Lariadne until she was healed and they threw the poisonous golden mirror far, far away and ofcourse they lived happily ever after!

By Bubblybubbles
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