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Sir Garwain and the Case of the Tooth Fairy

A myth submitted to the site by Anton Zamfir Dimcea

Bucharest, Greece

A long time ago in Greece there lived this beautiful fairy named the tooth fairy. One day disaster, the tooth fairy was snatched by a beast named The Wepotaur. News spread everywhere on Mount Olympus and Zeus was most concerned about the problem so he said to Sir Garwain:’Go and save the tooth fairy from the Wepotaus and be carefus he is deadly’. 'Whatever you say your majesty' replied Sir Garwain and with that he took of.

Just when everything seemed to be going well he came to a very big gate on it it said Castle of Doom. Sir Garwain being very brave started getting through it until...sudenly guards came rushing down the gate. He started to fight them but every tine you cut their head it would come back so he thought of a plan. He finally came to a conclusion. He took a torch and set the neck on fire at each head he had cut. So that is what he did and finally managed to get past the gate.

Folowing he saw a huge shadow towering over him behind him... It was the mighty Wepotaur that was a lot bigger than Sir Garwain. Sir Garwain was very freaked out but was determined to kill the beast. He charged but the tall beast took him in one hand and threw him in a very hard wall.

Sir Garwain woke up by the pain in his back but he didn’t care about that. Then he figured out that he was in Wepotaurs bedroom and also saw in a cage the tooth fairy. Just when he was to get out a huge ball of fire came torwards him. He dodged it and saw the Wepotaur wide awake next to him. Sir Garwain took a hard piece of metal and when the second ball of fire came it smashed into the metal and into the Wepotaurs mouth. He coughed a few times and died quickly.

Sir Garwain took the tooth fairy and set of to Athens. He got on Mount Olympus and told Zeus: ‚I the imortal Sir Garwain slayed the beast and saved the precious tooth fairy from it ’The tooth fairy gave Sir Garwain a tooth and left however on the right hand side Zeus gave him the Wepotaurs magic feather he took when fighting with him.

Just then a servant came in and said that another beast captured a princess and with that Sir Garwain took of in the sunset.

By Anton Zamfir Dimcea
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