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Heliahz the Creature Tamer

A myth submitted to the site by Bianca Dragan

Around the Amazon Forest and in Greece, Greece

A long time ago, when the gods still had holidays, the strong Heliahz was given a near impossible task from the Arthames and Delyana. The two gods recently went on an exciting vacation in the Amazon wilderness where they discovered a mythical creature that lays eggs. "Powerful Heliahz, talked Arthames as he was rising from his throne, your quest is to travel until you reach the Amazon, steal a Tigrenzorl egg, and wait for it to hatch, return and during your voyage back…tame it!” The god was only interrupted only by a few approving nods from the hero. "And now, continued Delyana, if you succeed you will become a god…however if not, she raised her voice, you are the Minotaur’s next meal!” Heliahz gulped.
Finally he managed to answer: "As you say your majesty.”

Heliahz cunningly set off to the 3 Gates of Mystery: The first resting on the Atlantic Ocean seabed, second one located at the coast of Brazil and the final gate at the edge of the dense Amazon forest. The hero set sail through malevolent sea storms, everlasting tornadoes and violent whirlpools. Merrily one whirlpool sent him to the first under water gate. There a spirit sang to him: “I am seen in the water
if seen in the sky,
I am in the rainbow,
a jay's feather,
and lapis lazuli.” The hero thought and outsmarted the spirit to give him a clue and triumphantly exclaimed that the answer was blue. As a reward he was given the cloak of invisibility and the door opened.

Heliahz set sail again to the coast of Brazil where the 2nd gate awaited him. There he demonstrated his bravery, passed through the door and achieved the glove of loyalty .Lastly he arrived in front of the 3rd gate. There the test was to fight a jaguar. Heliahz used his intelligence and the invisibility cloak to defeat the wild beast full of anger. The spirit rewarded him with the sword of the Maya. He was going to use all of the instruments to pass the big challenge that could be met just around the corner…
Our brave hero swam through the Amazon, beating the great force of the currents. Even if the many dangers like Piranhas or crocodiles slowed him down, Heliahz was not deterred. Meanwhile he was swimming the beast was sleeping. The Tigrenzorl was resting in his nest over his eggs. At last he found the ancient temples, home of the bloodthirsty beast with razor sharp spikes and claws. As he crept cautiously camouflaged in the dense jungle he stopped dead in his tracks glancing at the majestous creature that was snoring loudly.
“What… I am… doing… is…absolute mad.”stammered Heliahz under his breath. As sneakily as he could, he tiptoed to the Demon’s nest but unfortunately the creature saw him. It arose sixteen meters of the ground letting a bloodcurdling echoing bellow. The fight began however the Tigrenzorl took no notice of Heliahz combining the Invisibility Cloak and the Sword of the Maya to make an unbelievable force. One swipe of it and the beast was flying away. Now time was against the hero, so he fastly robbed an egg and set sail to Greece again.

Using the Glove of Loyalty he stroked the egg until a cute cub hatched. The cub obeyed everything he ordered. Heliahz proudly set foot on the beach of Greece. He was proud that he defeated the foul monster but he had a feeling that something terrible would happen soon…

At the base of Mount Olympus the successful hero took a deep breath and told the cub to fly with him until they reached the jagged castles on the peak. There under the orange balloon stuck to the sky, the coronation of becoming a God began. In the evening, just as Heliahz became God of Monsters, the cub’s mother kidnapped the entire God’s except her master, the hero.

Now the three: mother, son and lord Ruled over Greece and were much adored. The Hero’s bad feeling came true If you know what it is tell me because, I haven’t any clue!

By Bianca Dragan
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