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The Three Headed Dragon

Kingdom of Kala, Greece

A long time ago, in an ancient kingdom in Greece. There lived a king named Jidas who ruled all over across the land. All the townsfolk were happy living in the kingdom but they all knew never walk up the Crescent Mountain. The reason was becuase an evil, gigantic three headed dragon lived there and many brave men tried to slay the dragon for Jidas and become king, but they all failed and got eaten up.

One day, the king`s son Miko asked Jidas,"Can I play outside?".
"Yes"said the king,"just don`t climb up that mountain!". Miko didn`t listen, so he rushed up the mountain as quick as lightning and when he reached the top, he found a dark ,smelly cave. He started to have chill running down his spine as he entered the cave.

As he walked fearfully on, he started hearing roaring noises. He looked down from a hole and he saw the dragon ripping someone in three. He sneaked down the hole and he saw lots of treasures, rubies and diamonds all around him. He also found a bag in the corpse`s arm. Miko carefully lifted the bag out his hand and started stealing some treasure.

But as soon as he picked a coin, the dragon looked behind it`s scaly shoulder and he roared at Miko. Miko was horrified by the three ugly head on a huge reptile-like body with a long tail and two bat-like wings. Miko tried to escape but there was no way out. He fell when he saw the dragon then he bumped into a golden sword. So he lifted up the sword and he fought the dragon in deadly combat.

He swung and slashed his sword at the dragon, then suddenly he jumped so high, he turned around, cutting all three heads at once! The headless dragon fell down lifelessly on the floor. Miko went home with the three heads in the bag that he stole.

Miko returned to his father and he said"I`ve got a surprise for you!". And then when Jidas opened up the bag, he saw the three dragon heads and his son holding the golden sword, smothered in black blood. Jidas was proud with his son,so he called a kingdom meeting and announcing his son,"The New King". The kingdom townsfolk cheered and clapped. And 20 years later, Miko got a message from his dad saying" Son, there is another danger living on Crescent Mountain, can you slay this beast?" Miko then grabbed his sword and ran back to Crescent Mountain therefore continuing another adventure. The End.

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