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The Onryou

A myth submitted to the site by Cameron Threadgould

Shi Temple, Japan

A long time ago, in ancient Japan, stood a temple in the heart of the woods, Emperor Shi owned the temple. It was also known to be haunted.

One day, when he sat on his throne, an old hag came to the temple. She knocked on the huge door. Emporer Shi opened the door, he was shocked to find a hag at his door. The hag said "I am Kim-Wu and I am here to give you a warning. A demon haunts your temple. So be precautious about the things you do!"
The Emporer was disgusted and slammed the door in front of her face. She then disappeared in a sudden fog, as she walked away tearfully. Emporer Shi didn`t care what she said. He went to is bed for the moon was about to rise.

When he slept,he heard mysteroius laughter in his dream. Then he heard a girl`s voice cry in the hall. He went out of his bed. He walked down to the hall quietly to find a girl in a white dress, crying out of control. He approached her and as he tapped her shoulder, she looked up to him. Emporere Shi saw the girl had no face. No eyes, no mouth, no nose, nothing. She then reached for him, speaking an unknown language that he knew wasn`t Japanese or Chinese. She spoke the language of demons: Karanese.

He ran fearfully back to his bedroom, but as he turned away from her, she was right at the bedroom door. Emporer Shi begged the girl to go. She then looked at his face and she revealed a horrific face, so shocking that Emporer Shi died in fright. His corpse lay on the floor and the girl dissappeared like a puff of smoke. No-one ever went to the temple again after the horrible story being revealed.

A few years later, they burnt down the building, hoping the ghosty of the girl would go away. And she did. If you ever come across these grounds, remeber this poem as a warning: The step you take might end wrong. Runaway when you hear the gong. Cover the eyes,friends and you. Or you could end up looking into the eyes of an onryou...

By Cameron Threadgould
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