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Lemon and Lime

A myth submitted to the site by Xenia

London, Henry's Palace , Engalnd

This is a story that if I told it true you wouldn't belive it if happened before you eyes so if I may I have to ajust it a little.
It all started May 19th, 1536 when poor little Anne had her head of now Henry has well... how should I put it... A little bit of a temper and Catherine of Aragon had a daughter (Mary the First). Henry was furios but he could not chop HER head off because she was a princess so if her head was off Catherine's Dad would chop Henery's off so they had a good old fashion divorce but it wouldn't be that easy as Catherine loved Henery dearly and always wanted to marry Harry (Henry) and it took alot of effort to marry him so she didn't want to put it to waste... Would you? But at the end Henry put Catherine in such terrible condidions that at the end Catherine had no chose but to divorce him.

Now when Henry had his jousting accident just after he married Anne he had an injury at his head, this put him in a bad mood it is said that Henry loved Lemons but after his acciedent he had someone beheaded for putting lemons on his steak instead of lime. It is also said that Catherine loved lemons as well but hated limes but Anne loved limes and hated lemons. Now Catherine was still furios with Henry and kept spys all over Henry's castle and when she heard that Henry switched from lemons to limes, she was more angry then ever. When she died it is said that when Henery had his jousting acciedent his leg got injured and infected and stayed infected all his life, and it came infected because Catherine's goast spray limes and lemons on to his injury intill he gave mercy and killed Anne, and only had lemons and no limes and Anne well she went to hell and only ate lemons and nothing else. Catherine was treated like a queen in heaven and how to explain all the other wives well...

Jane well you see Catherine and Jane were dear friend and she gave mercy on her... untill she died which was NOT her fault...

Anne of Cleves now Catherine knew that Henry would still look for a wife and she could not help but have fun and sent a picture of a pretty lady which was a very ugly women she could find behind the picture and she knew Henry's heart and she knew he wouldn't kill her but a divorse instead...

Catherine Howard was Catherine of Aragon worst enermy so she couldn't help but murder her in these 6 simple Steps
1. Make Catherine H fall in love with a man
2. Make her lover purpose to her
3. Make Henry fall in love with her
4. Make Henry purpose to her (of corse Catherin H is to scared to say she alredy has a fionse)
5. Make Catherine H speak up.
6. The rest is for Henry to deal with like killing two birds with one stone!

Catherine Parr well she knew that Henry would die so she just relaxed!
Take that for revenge!

By Xenia
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