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The Scorstings

A myth submitted to the site by Matt

Burbank il , United States

The scorstings were sons and daughters of Hades. They had the armored body of a scorpion, stingray faces, bloody wolf teeth, gills, lungs two tails one stingray one scorpion, beady black eyes and their skin and armor are green with gray matted fur. They created carnivores, stingrays, wolves, scorpions, poison and lava. When they disintegrate instead of black dust they turn into red dust. then when the red dust mixes with water it turns into lava. These creatures were born in Tartarus. They usually guard doors for others. Otherwise they roam the underworld.

When these creatures start guarding they get a gift from Hades. This gift is a sword that is 1/2 bright blue and 1/2 dark black with a bloody top and a purple handle. The bright blue is hardened Styx water the dark black is stygain iron the blood is lava and blood that is hardened and the purple is Nyx's hardened night. These creatures are cousins of telchines the creators of the trident and master bolt. Their stomach acid is real acid. It can melt brick.

By Matt
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