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The Giant's Causeway

A myth submitted to the site by Sarah Meghani

Northern Ireland,Ulster, Ireland

Hundreds of years ago there lived an Irish Giant called Finn Mac Cool who lived in a small town called Ulster based in Northern Ireland. He lived with his wife and pet wolf.

One day he received a letter saying that a Scottish Giant was hiding a secret stash of Gold. As soon as Finn Mac Cool finished reading this horrifying news, he wanted to meet this rich and brave man immediately.

Although there was a problem, Finn had never learnt how to swim in his entire life, so he did some quick thinking and decided to build a causeway from Ulster to Scotland.

Once he had finished building the path, he shouted " Bennandoner come and fight me for your gold as I am not scared of you ". Bennandoner had heard his voice loud and clear so he came stomping towards Finn.

Finn soon found out that Bennandoner was way bigger than he thought. Finn ran all the way home as fast as his weak legs could carry him. As soon as he entered his house he told his wife everything that had happened. Just as he had finished speaking there was a loud knock at the door that boomed across the House. Quickly, Finn jumped into the toilet then his wife opened the door.

" I am Bennandonner I have come to tackle a certain Giant"

"Well h-he's n-not h-here,he's g-gone out t-to pick f-firewood f-for the h-house."

"Very well then,i shall wait here until he comes back."

Finn's wife was ever so frightened ,meanwhile Finn was shivering inside the bathroom wondering what was going on inside his house.

Bennandoner asked Finn's wife if he could use the washroom and Finn's wife said that the washroom was dusty as an excuse. Finn's wife had no other option but to release their pet wolf.She unlocked the the chain and the wolf smelt the stranger, it then started drooling and it attacked it's prey.

The wolf ripped off Bennandoner's head ,then chewed it and spitted it out onto the hill as it rolled then it splashed into the water.

Miraculously,the head turned into pure gold and Finn's wife ran into the toilet and told Finn of the wonderful news. Finn recieved his well deserved prize of gold and celebrated with it by using it to build a solid golden statue of his pet wolf. This is how the giant's causeway was built.

By Sarah Meghani
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