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The Two Giants of Ulster

A myth submitted to the site by Ruben

The story began In Northen Ireland in a city called Ulster many, many years ago. Where there lived a Huge giant called Finn and his human wife.
One day Finn found out that there was another Giant on the other side of Ulster who was very rich and lived in a castle full of gold. So Finn decided to travel to the other giant’s castle so he could steal the gold and become rich himself!

After days of travelling across Ulster, Finn finally arrived at the castle of the other giant who he found out was called Bendonna. Finn watched the castle for a while to try and find out where Bendonna was hiding all the gold, but what he saw was a terrible sight. The giant Bendonna was way too big and fierce for even Finn to fight, so he decided to give up on his idea and go back home. However, he hadn't realised that out of the corner of his eye Bendonna had seen Finn and knew he had come to steal his gold!

Bendonna chased Finn all the way home, and Finn very cleverly gave him the slip and went home and went bed thinking he was safe. What he didn't know though was that Bendonna had actually found where he lived and was hiding on the balcony waiting to make his move. Just as he was about to pounce, Finn’s pet dragon Felix spotted him and ripped his claw across Bendonna’s neck, chopping his head straight off!

The next morning when Finn found the body he decided to throw it into the sea. As the body hit the water it immediately turned into stone and shattered into pieces, leaving large lumps of stone across the water that are still visible today. This stretch of water is known as the Giant’s Causeway!

By Ruben
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