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The Giant's Causeway

A myth submitted to the site by Nick

Highlands, Scotland

The Giant’s Causeway
There was a giant called Finn McCool who lived with his wife and their pet wolf, they lived in Scotland. There was also a great big giant called Bennandoner (aka The Red Giant) who lived in a great big castle in Ireland.
Finn found out that Bennandoner had lots of gold and was very jealous, he wanted to try his steal his gold.

Therefore, to get to Ireland, Finn decided to build a causeway. He gathered lots six sided rocks shaped like honeycombs to build the Causeway. Once Finn had finished building the Causeway, he went to Ireland to steal the gold and realised he could not because Bennandoner had many guards protecting their castle. Therefore, Finn ran back to his house as fast as he could before the guards spotted him.

The moment Finn got back home he thought of a plan and built up courage to ask Bennandoner if he wanted fight him for his gold. He then shouted across as loud as he could and asked “Hey you, shall we have a fight for that gold of yours?”, so the red giant replied “OK then, let’s do it tomorrow at twelve O’clock in the middle of the causeway”. When Finn went back into his house, he started trembling with fear when he thought about the size of Bennandoner because he was a much bigger giant then himself. Finn started saying “Oh no, my reputation will be ruined!” so his wife said she can help him.

The next day Bennandoner met Finn at the causeway for the fight, Finns blew a whistle to start the fight. When they were halfway through the fight and Finn was being battered by Bennandoner, his wife went and got their pet wolf. The wolf loved to eat meat so Finn’s wife let him off his lead set him onto Bennandoner. The wolf started ripping Bennandoner apart until there was nothing left of him. Finn then ran to where the gold was and took it away back to his house. That was the story of the why the Giant’s Causeway was built.

The End

By Nick
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