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Theses And The Ender Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by David Andrei Meita

Ender Land, Enderland

A long time ago a god named Zeus had set a challenge to a young boy named Theseus. He should first built a house and save the beautiful princess from the harmful Ender Dragon. He said that he couldn’t save the princess alone so he called Chuck. Chuck agreed, so he went with Theseus to build a house. They made armour and swords to protect them.

Theseus and Chuck went on a raft they made. They had sailed on sea to Santorini, a beautiful elf island. The elf’s welcomed them to stay for a night. Theseus and Chuck told them about their quest. The elf’s told them that it is too hard to defeat the Ender Dragon alone so they told to some soldiers to go with them.

The heroes travelled with the soldiers. They climbed old mountains, they went on snowy kingdom’s and in the end they reached Ender Land portal and then reached the castle where the princess was held. They saw the princess and the Ender Dragon torturing her to death.

Theseus and Chuck had fought the Ender Dragon for days. In the end they managed to kill the terrifying Ender Dragon. The reward was a treasure full of diamond and gold. They lived happily for the whole of their lives.

By David Andrei Meita
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