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The Big Ogre

A myth submitted to the site by Ben Cowlrick

Wood and Cave, Africa

A long time ago in a small village in China there lived a huge ugly hungry fierce ogre! His horrible teeth were as sharp as a lion's tooth or a knife. His fat spotty body was as fat as somebody who eats too many sweets and chocolate! His dark green eyes were as green as fresh grass. His lumpy legs were as slow as a old snail or a old slug. His ugly face was as ugly as the woman in black's face! His nails were just as sharp as his horrible rotten teeth. Nobody dared to look at him and every day teenagers dared there friends to look at him but nobody did it.

The ogre was fierce and was a mean person and his dirty plot was to act as wonderfully as he could with the little children and after a while he would leap up behind the little child and tear him to tinny pieces gobbling the flesh and bones into his big stomach. He got away with it every time and the ogre ate 1 child for breakfast 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. Sometimes he ate the parents too if they screamed too much. He thinks children smell like dog's dropping. Other children hear about the children who the troll ate so they never played withe the horrid ogre because they were clever and they never went near the filthy beast.

Somebody thought the headman should gather all his best men to slay the ogre and make them show the horrid head to the village. The headman thought in was a amazing plan so the headman got 10 of his most powerful men and they went into the massive cave where the ogre lived! At one stage they thought that nobody was at home until a massive ogre came in snatching all the men and then ripped then to bits stuffing them into his fat mouth! He stuck his big bulgy hand right into his mouth and puled all the broken bones out as he was spitting on a hard solid rock in his cave. For some reason he started bleeding. He was being stabbed in the face. Then he exploded into tiny bits. Then all the men he had not chewed came out and the head of the ogre was bleeding.

The end.

By Ben Cowlrick
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