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The Engagement

A myth submitted to the site by Annie

Herne Bay, England

This myth is about a princess who is going to marry the prince of Germany, her ex-boyfriend heard about this and was furious because he still had feelings for her and wanted to marry her. She had no feelings for him and had only feelings for her feonsay. Fred (her ex-boyfriend) wouldn’t stop till he got what he wanted and all he wanted was her.

It all begins on a dark calm night and all the twinkling stars had come out, it was the princess’s engagement celebration she had just got engaged to the prince of Germany. Her ex-boyfriend Fred was at her party and he was angry so he left the party and decided to get his revenge on the prince because the princess didn’t know that Fred was a sorcerer.

Fred was the most evilest person in the entire kingdom and everyone was afraid of him because he has an eye like a cats, an eye patch on the other eye made out of snake’s skin, a scar across his cheek and his hair was really greasy. If you got him angry he could tear you to shreads, that is why everyone is so terrified of him!

The princess did not even know that Fred had gone but the prince of Germany did ,so he decided to go and look for him, he knew he was up to something nasty ,like he always was. When he entered the gardens Fred was waiting for him behind the hedge with a knife he attacked . There was a terrifying scream. Everyone came running, but when they arrived all they saw was the prince’s head! Everyone was mortified.

Then Fred turned up behind the princess and put a sack around her and took her away to his castle where nobody went not even his family because of what happened to the family who got murdered by the phantom that haunted the castle .he untied her and said he would kill her family if she didn’t marry her. She didn’t have a choice. So she agreed to marry him.

The wedding bells rang and everyone was rejoicing because they didn’t know was that the princess was being forced to marry him. Then the lights went out and this gust of wind swept in and in stepped a poor servant boy and he said the murderer was Fred, Fred was furious he charged for the poor boy but missed and ended up in the prison wagon. He wailed and screamed but everyone was disgraced by his actions. However no one knew he was a magic sorcerer...

Everyone felt safe because they all thought Fred was in jail, but they were wrong .He had escaped. And he is now after the pauper, the pauper already knew he was coming, so he fled and no-one saw him again. The princess got married to Fred and had five children and lived happily ever AFTER!!


By Annie
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