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The Devil's Sister

Herne Bay, United Kindom

There was once a school, where every summer and spring, the children would be singing, smiling, dancing and skipping. The blossom trees would have its petals fall on the dew dropped grass like snow and the teachers would bring out ice cold water so that the children could play in the sun all day. There were never any bad feelings, no spiteful words said against each over, this was just a normal, pleasant school, but what was to happen in the future, ripped the school in half.

Jelos was the sour monster’s name who was listening to the children’s endless Friday disco. She used to be a wealthy, normal country girl, but on her birthday, her 18th, the devil took away her family’s life, but weirdly, the devil felt pain for the girl so only took half of her, her happiness. This left her with Jealousness, mean thoughts and the one thing that she desired more than her life, was to be loved and to have all the attention in the world. This was why all the children called her Jelos, as every child was at home with their parents but she was stuck in a massive landfill site, her home, a dirty miserable, dark place, which she had to scavenge for food in. Her missing left hand would drip with blood which she lost in a fight against what she now called, Humans. She didn’t think of herself being a human, she thought herself as the devils sister.

She had very long,black, straight, hair, with snake like eyes full with the most horrible things. Her dark, wood, brown eyes would cry with blood. She wore a once beautiful, clean, white, long dress with hand sown red embroidery which she was given on her birthday by her father and mother. The children, whilst asleep, would hear the most terrible scream imaginable like a high pitched howling wolf. She had a purple tongue that flickered whenever she desired the taste of blood. You may be feeling sorry for this lonely woman but I must come round to say that she was for sure, cold hearted...

She would come out of her dump and travel to the school in which she would enjoy the sweet young blood that would drip from her pale, white face and her tongue would flicker at the children. She hated old blood, from adults, to her it tasted like rotten raw egg. She tore at the children’s limbs and blood would fill the floor. The laughter from the disco would soon turn into screaming from the children. Jelos would drag her meal back to her dump where she wouldn’t waste a single drop of blood.

Every night Jelos would come back to the school until all the happiness was sucked out of the school. At this moment you never heard the children’s laughter. The blossom that once fell of the trees looked like ashes falling from hell. It rained nearly every day and the playground was always flooded. It was like the air around the school was poisonous and no one was allowed to play outside in case Jelos returned. It was sure that the devil had taken over the school.

Six years later, on a cold Sunday afternoon, the head master was in his staff room about to sign over the school to two men who were wearing black suits. One of them had a moustache and the other one had an Italian accent. He had nearly finished the letter when the door swung open showing the outline of someone holding a staff. When this image was clear, it showed a handsome young man with silky, black hair. “My name is Jacob, and I have come far to save you from this tormenting beast.” For a second the head master thought, then he stood up, tore the letter in half then turned to Jacob and said, “Thank you, I am very grateful that this school will soon be saved again.”

The head master threw a party on Monday to celebrate the safety of the school. For once the disco hall was lit with lights and was full with the loud sound of music. For a whole night the school was happy again. The wind blew the sound of laughter till it reached the dump. Jelos knelt on her hands to help her up and she travelled to the school.
Jelos reached the door of the disco and opened it and to her surprise the hall was full of children to feast on.

This was all parts of Jacob’s plan. The children fled to the doors either side of the hall and then the locked them on their way out, locking Jelos in there with Jacob. Unfortunately, Jelos had managed to grab hold of a child and was now about to shred her bones and suck her blood. She realized that she was locked in and alone so she dropped the child, turned around and saw Jacob.

Jacob striked, he pointed his long staff at her as she screamed in pain, she was being lifted up by magic, and she felt like she was being lifted up by her neck. He let go and she fell on the floor. Jelos ran up to him and violently scraped him across the face with her sharp nails. His face was stinging so, in defence he shouted “lanmunescorpian!” This was an extremely powerful spell, it created an invisible shield. Striking again, Jelos bounced off and fell hard on the floor. Her missing hand was gushing with blood. She was in so much pain and had had enough so Jacob dropped his shield and finished her off with a fire ball turning her to ashes.

Jelos died of a painful death, with a rotting hand but she was also happy to be returning home to her family in hell.
Happiness returned to the school and the flowers and sun brought light to the playground. The playground was no longer flooded again so the children could play outside again. Jacob mysteriously disappeared, but a sign was left to remember him by saying, ‘This school was once saved by Jacob’.
Paige Rabbitts

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