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The Evil Vampire King and the Master

London, UK

Once upon a time there lived a vampire king. He was not a kind king at all he was a cruel, rude ungreatful and he was also a very feirce king. He was as strong as a lion and as good looking as a rich and famous person.
The reason he was so rude was that he only cared about a woman called Jessi not even his beautiful and delicate wife Bella.

Bella was a woman who looked a little like little red riding hood but she was not happy because she was controlled by king Edward. He controlled her by putting her in a dungeon which was called the pit of hell because it would definetely lead anybody who was to going there to hell.

Then one night a green knight called Master Jacob came whith a shiny axe decarated with red diamonds that glowed brighter whenever it smashed the prison. The axe broke through the prison gate like it was soft cotton and then he said "For that you must help me deafet the so called king Edward!" he said in a growly voice. Bella then said "he's been rude to me anyway so I'm going to help."

There is a servant called Simon. He is king Edward's faithful servant. He heard everything then he laughed mu ha mu ha mu ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa once they were gone.

Chapter 2 the escape?
What! Some mystery man can't just take my Bella "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is trobuleing me. I know, i'm going to send Gruff".
"What! who's Gruff?" said Simon, but all the cruel, rude, ungreatful and feirce king said was that it was none of his business and that he was a hopeless loser. Simon then ran out the door and then he saw...The master. uh oh he thought, then master Jacob quickly put a spell on him and from that time on Simon became an enemy of the king and then the master turned Bella into a vampire.

chapter 3 when the king died!
The master, Bella and Simon made a ginormous megazord made out of their powers. They were now controlling the megazord with their minds. Bella was controlling the legs, Simon was controlling the belly and master Jacob controlled the hands and head. The master then told the megazord to pick up the kings castle and and cruch it. Unfortunately the King had gotten out of the castle in time so he didn't die. When Bella saw him outside of the castle, She told the megazord to kick the king so hard that his body snapped in two then he was dead. The three celebrated. The master fell in love with Jessi and they got married. Bella married the servant Simon and then genarations to genarations happend.

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