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Gormon and the Sapphire Beast

A myth submitted to the site by David Dallas

Greece, Norway

Gormon and the Sapphire Beast

Many years ago, when the Vikings ruled there was an ambitious young boy called Gormon. One day he was walking on the edge of a volcano when Vulcan appeared. "You must sail to the land where the Vikings live. There in the mountains you will find Ordon a creature made out of sapphire."
"OK, but why me?" questioned Gormon.
"Because you're the only person willing to do so."

The next day Gormon boarded his ship with some Greek troops. The whole journey was estimated for 3 months. 3 months later the lookout cried "Land ahead!" Gormon explained that they couldn't just dock their ship in the Viking's harbour they would have to find a way to dock the ship secretly.

When they found a peaceful fjord they docked the ship. Suddenly they heard shouts and the swishing of axes. “VIKINGS!” screamed the lookout.
"Come on lads make em cry!" encouraged Gormon. The Vikings outnumbered the Greeks by 600 against 300. The Vikings were merciless and tough to beat. After some fighting the Greeks managed to fight off the Vikings. After a victory feast Gormon addressed his men. “Now that they know we’re here we should be on guard as we’ll never know when they’ll strike." After the speech the men took turns to be sentries. But the Vikings never attacked.

The next day they set off to climb the mountains. They reached the point where allegedly the ruthless Ordon roamed. Gormon instructed his men to put their weapons down. There were murmurs of disagreement. The mountains trembled. Then they saw Ordon’s blue head come round the corner of the mountain. A while later Ordon’s body appeared. He looked like a mountain himself. Ordon lumbered forward. The men were absolutely terrified. Gormon thought hard for a moment. “If he’s made of sapphire maybe if we find sapphire ore he’ll be tamed.” thought Gormon. So he then ordered his men to dig until they found sapphire ore. His men thought he had gone bonkers.
“Order us to dig for sapphire ore?”
“Why would he want us to do that?”
After a day of digging one of Gormon’s men called Ragnar cried “I’ve found it! I’ve found sapphire ore!” So after that find everyone dug in the same area as where the sapphire ore was found. After they had a ton of sapphire ore they came back to where Ordon was. Gormon carefully gave some ore to Ordon. The beast ate it and eyed the rest of the ore greedily. Gormon gave the rest of the ore to Ordon who was now definitely tamed now. On the way back to the ship, disaster, the Vikings attacked with an army of 10,000 men. Ordon overwhelmed the Vikings.

After the battle out of the 300 Greeks there were only 50 left. They went back home and Gormon went back to the volcano. “Well done” congratulated Vulcan. “You may keep Ordon as your pet”. “Thank you sir” said Gormon. A few months later disaster the Vikings were sailing towards Greece.

By David Dallas
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