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Hector's Challenge

A myth submitted to the site by Sophie

Contempute Village, Ancient Greece

One day Hector was daydreaming on a field. He was the only person without a wife. He felt melancholy and lonely. Aphrodite (the goddess of love) took pity on him and told him “I shall give you Princess Aragona if you succeed in your challenge. You have to defeat The Hydra and bring back the head +on the way you will meet the Evil Cyclops. Good luck young warrior!” Hector went on his way and packed a sword, a spear, a torch and a shield. His first enemy...

The Cyclops.
Hector found the Cyclops’s Cave and slowly walked towards the Cyclops. Hector accidentally stepped on a stick and the Cyclops awoke from his sleep and snatched Hector. Hector twisted and turned but could not get out of the Cyclops’s grasp. He drew his sword but his hand was too sweaty and dropped it. Hector quickly threw his spear at the Cyclops’s eye. The Cyclops dropped Hector and screamed in pain. Hector ran and ran until he could run no further. Now he had to face The Hydra...

The Hydra’s cave was spooky and Hector heard The Hydra’s extremely loud screech and it echoed through the cave. Hector suddenly looked behind him and saw the nine- headed creature standing in front of him. Hector was too fast for the Hydra and cut off all of the nine heads and was just about to pick one up when he saw that the Hydra was growing back 2 more heads for every 1 he cut off. Hector ran to a corner to think of what to do. He then thought, maybe I could kill The Hydra with fire. So he got out his torch and lit it with some fire then threw it at the Hydra. It burst into flames and Hector took one of the heads and went on his way.

When he got home he offered the head to Aphrodite and she told him “Well done warrior, I shall now grant you your prize.” Out of nowhere Princess Aragona was there before him. They both married and he had a kingdom to rule and they all lived happily ever after.
The End

By Sophie
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