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The Eagle And The Fox

there once was an eagle and a fox. The Eagle had brown and white feathers. And she was one of the fastest Eagles in existence, on top of her speed and strength. She was also very clever.
While the fox had a bright orange coat of fur. And he was also one of the fastest foxes in existence. Though he was not strong, he was very clever.

Though, while the Eagle was kind and seen as a defender, the fox was not. He was seen as a trickster and evil. So no one trusted the fox.

One day, the eagle met the fox. She said to him, "so you are the trickster every body talks about" and to which he replied, "of course, who else but me would they talk about?"
"So you are the eagle everybody asks for help from?" He asked and she replied, "of course, who else but me would they ask for help?"

After that, the two left and each was thinking about how to get rid of the other.
The eagle thought about just disposing of him, but it would be hard. For he was as fast as her, if not faster. The fox thought about tricking her, but it also would be hard. For she was just as clever as him, if not more. But at long last, the fox had an idea.

The fox would, of course do what he did best. Tricking people.

He went to the eagle. "Oh mighty eagle! I have need of your help!" He lied and she asked, "what is it you need help with?"
"I have a friend who is trapped by an evil bear!" He replied.
The people nearby the eagle said, "no! Don't believe him! He's trying to trick you." But she couldn't leave a person in need alone. So, the eagle went with him.

The fox led her to the bear's cave. "He's in there! You have to save him! I fear my friend may die without you," He said and she went into the cave.
When he knew she was gone, he grinned and walked away.
Inside, the eagle went up to the bear. The bear was sleeping. "Oh mr.bear, he is trying to trick me, is he not?" She asked the sleeping bear.

The bear woke up and said, "indeed he is little one" and she knew what she must do. "I have need of your help mr.bear," she said and he was shocked. She had never asked for help before, from anyone. "What is it little one?" He bent down to hear her better. She then told him of her plan.

Meanwhile, the fox was out hunting for something to eat. He had his eyes on a cute little bunny. Just when he was about to strike, Mr. Bear came rushing through the bushes and lunged at the fox.
The fox was too shocked to move.

"Ahhh! Help!" He cried out in fear. Then the eagle came flying.
"You called?" She asked
"help me oh mighty eagle! Help me!" He cried
"do you promise not to trick anyone anymore?"
"I promise, I promise!" He cried and then the eagle saved the fox.

Afterwords, the fox stayed true to his word. He no longer tricked people, in fact he helped them with the eagle.

The end

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