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Bloodlock Forest

A myth submitted to the site by Bryn

Somewhere in the country-side, England

Bloodlock Forest is one chilling place to walk into. Even in broad daylight it's horrible, let alone in the dark. There are trees that look like skeletal fingers about to grab you, the Crows that live there make the most terrifying noises and you start to think why an earth you came there. But worst of all, sometimes people go missing in the forest and are never seen again. Some people say that their souls were stolen by the Lock. The Lock is an urban-legend from the medieval times but some people think that it's still out there, waiting for another innocent soul to walk past into it's claws...

Here is a story told by some mothers in the Victorian times to keep their young out of the forest...

One gloomy day in 1876, a young lad named John Leeford was after some Pheasants for his supper when he got lost in Bloodlock Forest.
"Why does mother always send me to get some supper when it's foggy?" He growled. It was true, it was very foggy that evening. John's family were quite poor. His father died when John was a child and his mother couldn't get a job, so every Saturday, John was sent down to Bloodlock Forest with his fathers old gun to shoot pheasants and sometimes a deer for a stew. John also hated fog as he could not see anything to shoot very well and animals got cold and hid.
"Why me? Why is it always me to starve?" John moaned. Just for a point of a second, he caught a glimpse of a large creature running behind the trees.
"Deer" He whispered to himself. Again, there was a glimpse of movement. But this time, he could see just a tiny bit of the thing in the undergrowth. He saw a flash of blood tipped claws, scaly skin covered in warts, a jaw full of rotting teeth and dark, evil, bloodshot eyes.

"That's not a deer" He said in his mind. "That's definitely not a deer..." It all happened in seconds. A roar of hunger, the pounding of paws and the claws ripping through the air at John. He felt a jolt of pain running through him. He screamed and dropped his shotgun. He limped into a nearby bush narrowly missing another swipe from the creatures claws. "The Lock" He told himself. His mother had told stories to him about this abomination. She said it was from hell itself. The Locks claws where ripping at the bush. "It's not going to be long before it gets through that bush..." He thought sadly. And he remembered what his father had told him on his death bed.
"No matter how scary it is or how painful, take it like a man" And that's how he took it, like a man. He limped out of the other side of the bush and waited for that dreadful sound of the paw slicing through the air, and it came...

So remember, no matter how scary it is when the Lock is chasing after you, take it like a man...

By Bryn
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