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What Happened to the Unicorns and Pegasi?

Once upon a time there was a meadow full of unicorns and butterflies. They lived together peacefully and never considered the fact that they might one day be driven out of their homes.

One day there was a loud bang from over the trees. To their surprise they saw many people coming towards their only home with sharp, loud things. The unicorns didn’t think that they would reach their meadow, but over time the sound started coming closer and closer. Afraid, the butterflies flew away, leaving the unicorns alone.

In a few days the people would reach their meadow. They called for their friends, the pegasi, to fly them away from the people. For hours the pegasi tried to carry the unicorns but they were too heavy. Their only option was to use their magic to create a rainbow. Together they built a huge rainbow to another place for the unicorns to escape on. When it was finished, everyone, unicorns and pegasi, galloped across the rainbow bridge and escaped the humans, never to be seen again. All that they left was the rainbow bridge as a sign of hope.

So, if you ever find the bottom of a rainbow, and make it across, you will also find the unicorns and pegasi that have escaped captivity for many years.

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