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Tyler And Moseley

A myth submitted to the site by Tyler Mae

London, Europe

Tyler was always brave and happy until she went to Moseley, Moseley was haunted by Souls and ghosts and THE DEVIL.

She flinged her hair back and tried being brave as she entered the haunted house. Many call it the Haunted Mansion because it was so big. She saw old furniture and blood everywhere.

On one wall it said, ''THE DEVIL WAS HERE'' and she ran out and started crying. But she thought ''What am i scared of?'' ''Be brave". She went in and by herself. She was scared but never ran out.

She heard a voice say ''I see you!!!!''. She ran into the kitchen and noone was there, Then the livingroom and noone was there. She ran into the Attic seeing someone come closer to her. She started to run but she was never seen again...

By Tyler Mae
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