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Medusa's Story

Ancient Greece

Many years ago,there was this very beautiful woman called...Medusa. She was very beautiful that she bragged and bragged about how beautiful she was.
She had the most smoothest blonde hair and her bright red lips with her shining eyes and nice body. The gorgons were as beautiful but they taught that she looked better and they became her helpers.

One day,she did something very bad, very bad that they sent her to the god Athena to deal with her. Medusa was very drunk she accidently insulted Athena.
"You are nothing but a lazy women ATHENA!"screamed Medusa.
"You dare insult me?"Athena asked"Farewell" Athena said in a creepy way

Athena was very angry,very angry that she had cursed Medusa and turned her to the most hideous creature.She turned her hair to snakes,and changed her lower body to a snakes body,and her top body a woman's body and her face was a woman's face but her eyes, who ever gazed into her eyes turned to stone.

The Gorgons were pretty much upset about it,they went to Athena to consult her about Medusa's look.The insulted Athena too and therefore she had made them like Medusa a hideous creature.

Therefore lots of people went to try and kill her but they failed.So there have came a hero called "Perseus" who was brave enough to have the guts and kill her.he wanted to kill her because he lived with his mother and The King Of The Land wanted to marry her and no one liked him because he was evil and vicious.

"Bring me Medusa's head and I won't bother your mother again"persuaded the king.
"It shall be done"said Perseus. He went to kill her but he was worried he had no Armour nor weapons or shield. On the road he found a wise old man that said"What are you doing walking alone son!"
"I'm on my way to get Medusa's head".The old wise man laughed"HAHAHA with no armor nor shield or sword?Are you crazy son?You must go to the 3 witches,they might give you you're needs".

So Perseus went to the 3 witches,they told him no so he quickly grabbed the eye of one of the witches. He said he will give it back in exchange of his needs. They gave him a sword and a mirror and armor that The Gorgons and Medusa couldn't see. He went there and knew her lair by the stones of people with broken heads in the entrance.

He came from Medusa's back and he snapped her neck then cut it off.He told the king so the king laughed and asked for proof. Perseus showed him her head and as the king gazed into Medusa's head he turned to stone.

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I thought that Perseus came back on the ship with a black cloth and then the King fell of the Clift.That Athena gave Perseus the armer. 14th January 2019
How could the Gorgons have seen her because they would not have been able to see her and would have turned to stone if they had.

Think about it
4th December 2017
wOW... I really like the story could you please make it longer. 15th November 2017
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