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A Good Heart

Ancient Greece, Greece

A long time ago, in Greece, lived a young and beautiful princess called Alexia. She had long, blond hair, blue eyes and long black eyelashes. Her people loved her for her kindness. Alexia loved making swords and armours, so one day she made a special sword made with the horn of a unicorn. This sword could tell who was good and who was bad. She named the sword Tessaiga.

After some weeks a messenger came and told Alexia the problem: a monster called Birdhopus had lit a fire in the village. After a lot of thinking, Alexia decided to go and kill the Birdhopus so her people would live better.

She walked and walked till she arrived in a big, black and deep cave when she heard a sound “Roar!” Alexia ran and ran frightened but she couldn’t find the exit of the cave. So she turned around but she felt something soft like the feathers of a bird. She looked better and she saw it: a Birdhopus!! It had the head of a horse, the big wings of an eagle and the long and slimy body of an octopus.

Alexia pulled out Tessaiga and she started fighting with the Birdhopus. But all of a sudden Tessaiga started glowing. “What?!” shouted Alexia “If Tessaiga is glowing … this means the Birdhopus is good!!” Alexia was really confused.

She thought and at the last moment she realised that one time the Birdhopus was good. So she stopped a second and asked the Birdhopus why he became evil. Birdhopus started to talk and said: “I became evil because a human killed my mum so I want to kill every human!”
"Wait, wait, wait! What will you do to the people in my Kingdom?!” said Alexia
“So you are the princess! I will kill even you!”
“Before you do it I need to tell you that not because one human is bad, all humans are bad, think.” said Alexia to Birdhopus.

So Birdhopus thought and so he realised what Alexia said: just because one of them is bad it does not mean all of them are bad. So Alexia and the Birdhopus became friends, so friends that at Alexia’s marriage it was not his father to bring her to the church, but Birdhopus!

By Ludovica

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