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Why Is There Fog?

Wolverhampton, Lanesfield, West Midlands, England

One day Hercules, (a brave young 18 year old) was talking to his friend. Suddenly Hercules turned around and felt a cold breath of air, touching his face. The whole village was at a stand still. No one moved. Hercules lived in a small, poor village just on the border of Jungle Island.

Hercules and his village had just about enough. For the past year Minator had kept on smoking, and the wind had blown the smoke this way. Hercules had to something about it.

As Hercules was setting off, one of his friends told him that Minator's weakness was his neck. Minator was a huge giant standing over 25 feet tall. When Hercules had set off the wind was still blowing the smoke this way, only this time it was worse.

About 2 hours into the journey he heard a voice. As he looked up he saw a sparkling light. It was god. He had 1 big sword in his hand. "Take this you will need it,"said God "You have only got 100 throws with the 1 sword" he said again. God went away.

He carried on towards Minators land.

Just as Hercules was approching Minators island, a little old man came by. "Are you Hercules?" the old man questioned.
"Yes, and how do you know?" replied Hercules. The old man did not answer. All of a sudden the old man said "If you are going to fight Minator, be warned that he has 101 men that are guarding the 100ft mountain. Its just over there you see?"
"Yes" replied Hercules. The old man went off. Even though he was told that news Hercules was still optimistic that he would still win the battle.

Hercules approached the islands border. In front of him was a very deep river. To the left of him was boats and to the right of him was crocodiles. If he was to swim across, the crocs might eat him. If he took the boat, the Guards might see him. He took the safe route but hoping that the guards won't spot him. Hercules was in luck the guards did not spot him.

At the gate standing there, was a guard. He was watching like a sniper. Like a sniper himself Hercules had taken him out unnoticebly, but then... BANG! Hercules dropped his sword. Everybody on the island heard that, even Minator. Now it was 101 vs 1. As they came along Hercules took them out. Then there was 1. Hercules had used 99 throws he only had one throw left. He thought to himself shall I waste my throw and have no weapon against Minator? Or shall I take him out with my fists? He decided to do it with his fists. Hercules turned around and banged him in his jaw.

Now he had to do the impossible - he had to climb
100ft mountain with no rope or anything. When he had got to 50ft all his body was hurting him, he began to get pessimistic. A couple of hours later he had reached the top. As he walked in he found himself in Minators room. It was all dark and damp. He looked up and saw the big beast himself sleeping on his bed. He got his sword and slashed Minator in his neck.

The people at the village were wating anxiously to see if their brave warrior had defeated Minator.

A few days later a small figure was coming towards the village. All the villagers were wating to see who/what the strange figure was. As the figure was coming forwards a small voice shouted "HERCULES". It was him. He came galloping on a horse that he stole from one of the guards. At once everybody was asking him questions like
"Did you defeat Minator?"
"Was he hard to fight?"
"Did he have guards?"
"QUIET!"somebody shouted "Did you defeat Minator?"the person questioned
"Yes" proudly replied Hercules

All the village was cheering. Hercules was now known as Colonel Hercules. Hercules died later on that year but his bravery and his will to fight, will still be rememberd.

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