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Friendship Is the Key!

Equestria, Singapore

In a beautiful place of Equestria lies an amazing secret and only I know about it, because I am the secret itself!. I am Starlight the magical Pegasus and I'll tell you about the secret (Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!)

I was born in a diamond shaped cloud and I was alone when I woke up. But a flash of light appeared from the sky and I heard its voice saying, "You are Starlight, the savior of Equestria! Lift your heart high and fly to success with confidence!" Its melodious voice rang out.

The voice confused me but it gave me a feeling that showed me that I was here for something... something like a savior? I spent all my days thinking about that. The curiosity engulfed me. But one day the voice could be heard again, "Starlight! You'll need success and confidence! You have a part missing from it! Find it! You have seven days before chaos breaks out!"

Chaos? Missing part? What was this all about? I overcame everything. But what was the missing piece? Suddenly a unicorn came dashing towards me screaming, " AIIIEEEEEE! GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!!!" Too late we crashed.
"Hey! What's with you?" I screamed while the CRAZY unicorn checked her hooves. "I'm terribly sorry! For quick info I'm Dreamlight and get going or you'll be done for!" Without any more hesitation she screamed and ran away. Thats weird, wonder why she's so frantic right? Suddenly, I saw something in the darkness... its blood red eyes, the teeth as sharp as daggers, the claws that were sharp enough to sink through your flesh and the face it looked like... a dragon? OH FEATHERDUSTERS! ITS A WINGLESS DRAGON!!!!
The Wingless Dragon is a dragon with no wings. But its speed is like lightning and it can jump high too. Its deadly and feast on everything. So once you see one RUN FOR IT!
I was terrified. Quickly I turned back and ran to Dreamlight. I found her in a underground cave that could be hardly spotted. (Well of course I saw it cuz I have terrific eyesight.) "Dreamlight! Dreamlight! Its me the pegasus you saw just now! My name is Starlight!!!! The Wingless Dragon is after me! May I hide with you? PUH-LEESE?" I begged and Dreamlight just pulled me in.
"Starlight, its aiming to destroy Equestria! WE must save our beautiful land!" Dreamlight pleaded.
"Two of us ALONE? You kidding? We need help! LIKE NOW!" I tried my best to whisper.
"Ok, ok. Let that beast get away first!" And so that killer dragon moved closer to Equestria without even spotting us! Talk about a close call!

Then we searched day and night and blah blah blah and four days before deadline we found only one little pony to help us! But its the best and she keeps on saying, "I'm Sunlight! And I like you!!!!" Wha ok...

We practised to fight the beast and without knowing we built up friendship. Soon, it was the day the FIGHT!
The dragon was already wrecking town I aimed a Star Blast attack but it missed. Dreamlight tried a Dream Squeeze but it missed too! Sunlight used a Sun Explode and same thing-MISSED!

The Wingless Dragon noticed us and attacked us! Fighting with confidence to earn success that was our goal! Equestria needed to be saved! Suddenly I felt it the missing piece was here all along! It was friendship! We fought together combining everything we had! "FRIENDSHIP MAGIC STAR DREAM SUN BLAST!" The most fiercesome blast striked and finished the Wingless Dragon! We hugged each other. I knew that friendship is the key! Now I understand but even from far apart our friendship is in our heart TOGETHER!
Thats my legend of EQUESTRIA!!

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