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Braveness and Happiness

A myth submitted to the site by Kardelen

Aydın, Turkey


One upon a time there was a poor boy. This boy was a very strong, honest and helpful person. He helped his father. His father was a groom. His father washed the horses and looked after the horses. One day his father said to boy:
‘Son, we must go the another place to earn the more money. There was a woman. This woman was so rich, she has got a lot of horses. If we go there, we’ll earn more. What do you think of going?’
Boy said to his father:
‘Dad, I think, We must earn more. Because we can’t earn money here. But Was this woman’s farm far from here?’
Father: ‘ It is so far and we’re going to walk for the days to arrive there.’

Boy and his father started to walk to the farm. They walked for the days to arrive the farm. Finally they arrived here. The farm had got a very big gate. It made of iron. Gate and walls were so high. After his father knocked the gate knights the gate opened. They entered the farmer. It was very amazing. There were a lot of trees, colored- flowers, horses and a pavilion. They walked to pavilion’ s door. The door was opened by a servant and the servant said to them:
‘ Who are you? How can I help you?
His father said:
‘ We’re grooms and we can look after the horses very well. If it is possible, we’ll look after horses that in the farmer.
The servant said to them:
‘You must talk to lady. Come in please!

The boy and father entered the house. The house was so amazing. There were great mirrors, golden dishes, colored fruits etc. And the servant said to them:
‘ The Lady is waiting for you.’
The boy and his father entered the main room.The lady sat her armchair. There were a lot of golden rings on the fingers and golden ear-ring. Then the lady said to them:
First of all, wellcome to my farm. How can I help you?
The father said:
‘ We’re grooms. We ‘ re good at our jobs. We want to look after your horses in the farm. We’re really good lady.
The lady:
‘But, I’ve got a lot of grooms. I don’t need you.
His father said:
‘But we’re really good grooms. We wallked for the day to arrive here. We need this job lady.’
The lady said:
‘ Well, first of all I want to test you. If I am glad you. You’ll work here.

After the days, the lady was glad of them. They looked after the horses well. Finally the lady let them work in the farm. One day while the boy was washing, a girl passed in front of him. The boy looked at the girl. The girl was so beautiful. The boy was surprised, his heart get faster. Immediately he asked to another groom.
‘Who is she?
The groom answered:
‘ She is lady’s daughter. The lady loves her so much. Her mother can do everything for her daughther.’
The boy was surprised again. She was lady’s daughter and he loved her. If the lady knew that, she would send him and his father away from here. Because he was just a groom, a poor groom. The girl looked at the boy and she loved him, too. But she was afraid of her mother so much, too. She didn’t know what she does. After the day. The boy said to his father:
‘ Dad, have you ever loved a girl from your heart?
‘ Of course. She is your mother,son.
The son:
‘ Sure, I wish she were here now, dad. I wish she woul be here.’
The father:
‘ I wish too son. It’s life, the hard life son.
The son:
‘ Probably, you’re right, dad. Dad, I love a girl. But the girl is lady’s daughter. It ‘s danger isn’t it?
The father thought for the same minutes and answered:
‘No, son. It isn’t danger. You must say it to lady. If she doesn’t want that , we will go another farm. I can do this, for you son.’

The next day the boy knocked the main-room’s door.
The lady said:
‘ Come in please!’
The boy opened door and entered the room slowly.
Then the boy:
‘Lady! I want to say something you.
The lady:
The boy:
‘Lady, I saw a girl . She is so beautiful.
The lady:
‘Great, the love is beautiful.
The boy:
‘But she is your daughter lady.
The lady:
‘What! What a brave groom! You re my worker. Get out from here immediately!’
The boy:
‘But lady, I love her so much. It’s pure and real love lady. Please.’

The lady:
‘Well I want to test you, groom. If you love my daughter really, you’ll accept and do it
The boy:
‘I can do everything for her, lady. What do you want me to do?’
The lady:
‘There is a forest in the north groom here and there is a silver tree. Tthe tree has got a golden apple. The apple is so important. I want it. You can go there tomorrow. But if you don’t bring it to me before the midnight, I won’t let you marry with my daughter and I’ll send you and your father away. I‘m so serious.’
The son:
‘Ok, Lady. Can I borrow a horse from your farm ?’
The lady:
‘ Of course. But the horse should be alive! It shouldn’t die, groom. Be careful. Because the tree is controlled by a monster.’

His father chose a good horse for his son and the son started to ride to forest in the twilight. While the sun was shining, he arrived to the forest. The forest was dark and cold the trees looked like giant monster. After the some hours, Finally he saw the tree. His fruit, golden apple, was shining. It was so amazing.

He stopped and get off his horse and then he started to walk to tree. One step, one step more. He arrived to the tree. When he did the apple, someting pull his foot back. He felt down. Something dragged him but he couldn’t see anything. Finally he stopped he opened his eyes and tried to see something but he couldn’t see anything. He stand up slowly and looked at the front. Wow! What is it? There was a monster in front of him. The monster had got red eyes, short leg and arm. The monster was stronger than him and now the monster looked at him. Probably the monster got angry, so angry. The boy was afraid of it so much. Immediately he took his sword. He would fight. But he wanted to kill it or he’d die. Suddenly the monster hit his hand, the boy dropped his sword. Now he must fight with his hands. But it is impossible. Because the monster was much strogner than him.

Suddenly the monster attacked him. It wanted to hit his face fast. But It didn’t do it. The boy attacked the monster. He hit the monster ‘s stomach well. The monster fell down. The boy took his sword suddenly and he thrust into the monster’s head. The monster was dead. Now he could take the golden apple from the silver tree. He walked to the silver tree immediately. But there was another big problem. Because there was a very big wolf near the silver tree. It was so big. Luckly the wolf didn’t see him. The boy get his sword. There was one solution. It ‘s fighting with the big wolf. He should kill it. Itis for his father and his love. Now he wasn’t afraid of the wolf.

Maybe he might be dead after the fighting but he’d fight. Suddenly he attacked the big wolf but he didn’t hit the wolf because the wolf was so fast. The wolf started to walk to him fast and it attacked to his face. It hit him strongly. His face get bloody now. He felt down. Everything was getting dark slowly. The wolf looked at his eyes. It’s angry. Then he couldn’t breath.

After he woke up, the sun was shining in the sky. He stand up. He controled his head. His head wasn’t bloodly and there weren’t any wolves near him. While he was thursting into the monster. The monster hit his head so he fainted. So he had got a nightmare. The boy loved the Lady’s daughter. Their wedding was for forty days and forty night. They lived happily forever.

By Kardelen
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