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Paris & Juliet

A myth submitted to the site by Lucia

The street of Verona

If Juliet had married Paris and never met Romeo. What would happen if they never met?

Juliet the only daughter of the Capulet is soon to be married to County Paris. At first she wants to refuse but want her father to be happy, so decide to marry him. Before the marriage Juliet makes sure to tell him she only marries him to make his father happy and nothing more. The next day they went to church and married, after their marriage they rarely speak with each other much.

During breakfast, lunch and dinner they only greet each other. Paris goes out most of the time while Juliet spends her time at home. Juliet went out to the garden and heard a helpless cry and saw an abandoned baby outside the mansion. There is a letter next to the baby, “Please adopt this child.” Juliet picks up the child and saw a shadow near the corner of the street. She saw snow and brings the baby back to the mansion.

When Paris came back home he heard a crying noise and notice there is a baby. Juliet then request to adopt the baby and Paris said do as you like. Juliet is glad the baby could stay and name the baby Franco.

Two week went by since she adopt the child and she enjoys taking care of the child. When Paris came home one day, Franco starts to stand up and walk for the first time toward Paris. Paris plays with Franco and since then they starts to spend more time together. Paris stays home more often since then. Juliet saw a different side of Paris which she never saw before. As time goes by Juliet notice she has fallen in love with him.

One day a guest came and asks about a baby boy abandoned in this mansion about three weeks ago. The guest is actually the aunt of this child and because of an accident his parents die. Franco’s father is Romeo who is the son of the Montague and his mother Rosaline. They went on a trip and collide into another carriage. The carriage that collides with Romeo is Tybalt’s. Tybalt is injured and want to get revenged. With no choice the aunt put the baby outside the mansion hoping he would be adopted. She wants to have the child back since, she is now able to take care of it. Paris and Juliet ask to give them some time to think about this. Juliet will miss Franco after he is gone and Paris came to her room trying to comfort her. They clear their misunderstanding with each other. Paris always thought that Juliet hate him and Juliet thought Paris didn’t love her.

The next day they return Franco to his real family. Juliet doesn’t feel well these day. Paris got worried and one day Juliet faint. He call the doctor and he congratulate them. Juliet is having a child. Paris and Juliet are glad and the news soon spread. Capulet and Lady Capulet came to visit Juliet, they are happy that they finally have a grandchild. Franco and his aunt came to congratulate them and Tybalt came to visit. Tybalt pull out his sword but was stopped by Capulet. Capulet warn Tybalt about Prince Escalus’s word that if they ever disturbed the street of Verona there would be serious consequences. Prince Escalus banish Tybalt to Mantua.

Capulet invite Paris and Juliet to a feast at his place. At the feast the Montague enter and Capulet went up to speak with him. They announced that they would end their feud with each other. They discuss about it that they want to create a good environment for their grandchild. Later when Juliet gives birth, it was a twin, a girl and a boy. Franco came to visit once a week and became good friends with the twins. From then on the Capulet and the Montague didn’t start a fight and there is peace in the street of Verona. this tragic might never had happen. What would have happen if they never met?

By Lucia
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Name: Anonakay 1st February 2018
Why do I feel like Paris brainwashed her?
Anyway pls let me continue the story, then at the time, Paris is gone, Juliet is wilt, their children had bloomed and grown up. Romeo met Juliet again, they sat down like two old friends. Juliet asked if Romeo still has feelings for her, Romeo said what use is there if he still has feeling but remain heartbroken besides he found his temporary place holder for her and she found her family thus replacing him
Name: Alison Lee 17th September 2015
My, my, an excellent example of Stockholm Syndrome. Congrats.
Name: Millie 23rd May 2013
You have an amazing imagination that's are really good remix of Romeo and Juliet.
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