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The Red Children of Rattlesden

A myth submitted to the site by Flora

Rattlesden, England

Once there was a village called Rattlesden and there still is. When it was first built there was a lake a very nice lake indeed. One day two fishermen where fishing when suddenly they caught something very heavy each! The first fisherman pulled his rod up and there was a child and the other fisherman got the same! The strange thing about these children was that they had red skin but also where twins. One said she was called Rose and the other one said she was called Rachel.

The fishermen took the red skinned children to the village school where the children made friends and enamys. They also at the school learnt to read and write and were very good at school. The was another weird thing about them apart from their skin colour, the other weird thing was they only ate red stuff. The teachers and all the grown-ups soon relized that the children had only been eating red stuff all their lives or they had to much blood. But ovestly it was they had been eating red food all their lives so their skin had changed because it was full of red food. Because they had been eating red food all their lives they only liked red food.

One day Rachel ran away because she hated being diffrent. There was no red food out there...
They put out red food everywhere trails and trails of red food but Rachel didn't come back:(.
Rosie went out for a walk one day and saw under a bridge her sister Rachel!But she saw something was wrong, Rachel had lost her most precios thing her skin colour! Rosie refused to go back home without her twin sister. Because to go to the land where they lived they had to have red skin! So they stayed there and lived the rest of their lives in Rattlesden.

They became celebritys and became rich. They had children each and had a long a happy life till they died :(.But you never know their children might have had children and then those children might have had children. In Rattlesden there might still be some red children, just go there and fish.

By Flora
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