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Cat and Pusso myth

A myth submitted to the site by Cogo

Cat City, Cat land

In a faraway land called Cat land, there lives a Cat called Catto Catt. He has a normal life, driving his car to work and driving back again but he is never sure about his relatives. His grandfather refuses to tell him about his long lost relatives and his Grandmother is dead. One sunday in Cat city, Catto found a book about the famous Dragon slayer Cat. He read for a few hours until his friend, Puss, came round for some dinner.

Catto talked to Puss about this strange thing. "Hmmm, well its possible that it has something to do with your great grandfather" said Puss. Catto continued to eat his spagetti. Puss thought for a few more moments until a portal appeared outside the house. Catto dropped his plate onto the floor in shock. Puss ran outside the house. The portal swallowed up Puss. "KRAKATOA!" yelled Catto and went after him.

They found themselfs in a small town with a very tense feel. Catto paced around and stared in shock. Two shady Cats grabbed them and gave them a look so imtimidating that they were terrified. "You've come to get another Dragon? a likely story!" yelled the Cats. Then, a old Cat with long whiskers came up to them. He looked shocked.
"You look similar to my son Cattof" said the Cat.
Catto's eyes lit up. "You are...Cat?" asked Catto.
"Well...yes!" said the Cat.
"He's my great grandfather!" whispered Catto. Puss looked shocked.

Then, a huge Dragon flew above there heads and breathed fire everywhere.
Cat screamed in horror and Catto screamed even louder.
Puss ran into a shop and took cover under a table.
"No, its badbo again!" yelled a Cat who just ran outside
"Lets get it Pusso!" yelled Cat. Pusso grabbed a sword and charged. They got into a large fight and Cat and Pusso lost. Badbo the big black dragon set fire to the little wooden huts.

Cats ran in every direction screaming. Cat and Pusso staggered up and attacked again. "If they don't destroy the beast, the future will be horrible!" yelled Pusso.
The ground cracked and Cats were hanging on for dear life. "Its over, its the end!" sobbed Puss sadly. A blazing inferno engulfed the little village and the Cats were screaming so much. Catto grabbed a sword and began fighting with the beast. Puss looked for a sword to battle. Fires engulfed villages and it got closer to Cat city. The old city was a lot different to how it was 140 years later.

Soon, Badbo was defeated. "You are strange but you can definatly fight!" laughed Cat. Catto looked happy. "This may be hard to belive but i am your great grandson" said Catto "And now i must go back to my time"
"Bye then, nice knowing you!" smiled Cat. Catto and Puss jumped into the portal and they were back in there house. "Oh yeah!" laughed Puss. Catto smiled and watched the Cat city rush hour traffic.
The end

By Cogo
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