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Made and Marylyn

A myth submitted to the site by Lorna. Denise

Harlepool, Mannor lane, Grange Primary School, England

Episode 1.

The School was quiet. Only a creak from Enzyme's foot was hearable. The doors were locked. The school was deserterd.
“ If Marigold were with me.” She thought as she slowly tiptoed down the grange gallery. A tear strolled down her eye.
“ If Only I was there for Marigold.” She cried softly. Taking a glance around the corner before she walked again. Suddenly a light flickered on by the nursery. A soft giggle echoed up to Enzyme ears. A long breeze trickled down her spine like a forever taking ice cube.
“ Oh” She thought. The prank that Marigold used to use on me she smiled. Like a happy and a sad smile. Just at that moment a loud ‘bang’ screeched on the wall and footsteps Circled Enzyme like a tower of. Doom. She raced up the hall to the reception where a shilluete of figures warning her to turn back.
“What will I do now? Wait for the Morning by the window so other people can see me a bit like company. “ She exclaimed to her self
“ Or listen to the spirits message and turn back?”
Suddenly a little laugh of a little girl seeked Enzyme’s attention.
“ Get out.” She said. Motivating her voice to sound all serious.

“ Wh..Why” Enzyme murmured.

“ A young girl with black hair and a laced Victorian dress appeared blocking the gallery.

“ I can lead you towards safety but you must leave by tomorrow sunset otherwise the spirits which dwell within you can attack.” she squealed.

“ But Mr Barrot only opens the gate at 6 ish and I can’t escape before then.
Oh poor mom she must be worried sick about me” Enzyme choked .
“ I guess I could call the fire brigade and them and Mrs Haze and such will come but if I do this without warning the other spirits will be witnessed and the school will be shut down.” Flinched the ghost girl like static. “ You will have to come with me to see my farther he will tell the others and it can be agreed, I’m Envy by the way you know the mirror girl’s sister.” She beamed shaking Enzyme’s hand.
“ I haven’t heard of her.” Replied Enzyme with a curios look . Envy hesitated then grinned
“ Bloody Mary”
“ Oh” she did the static thing again with the blink of an eye
“ What does that mean?” asked Enzyme.
“ Oh the static thing? I can send messages to other dimensions especially my mom. She was good and she’s in heaven so technically me and my dad are in hell.” said Envy
“ I know what it’s like to witness a loss. I recently lost my baby sister Marigold from the measles.” said Enzyme trying to comfort her. Envy could see what she was trying to do and interrupted stubbornly.
“ Ghosts don’t have feelings” she beamed. “I managed to get over my brother Athures death when I was 5” She pronounced like queen bee of the hive.
“ Anyway dad’s sent the ghosts back but the Faeces Roam until midnight and that’s a bit of a problem but I’m sure my sister Mary will where them of.” She danced over to the display board and sank through. “ Just checking for sirens very rude impatient ghosts who think of girs like you as a descendent of ’don’t play with your food’ “ Smiled Envy. Enzyme frowned. They both walked down to the Year 6’s building and walked into class 1. Envy did the static thing.
“ Farther this is Enzyme for the alarm.” She beamed holding his hand. The dad looked around 30 and held his breath to look strong.
“ You must appreciate my daughters effort” He grumbled like an angry volcano.
“ Oh I do” She replied.
“ Okay Enzyme we’ll go now dad.” She said taking my hand . They sliped through the walls to the nearest fire alarm.
“ Do you want to do the honours?” Asked Envy.
“ Sure.” Replied Enzyme placing her hand on the button.
“ Just press down and it will go of and I guess this is where we say goodbye oh, and one more thing don’t mention this to anybody or you know or else.” Before Enzyme said goodbye Envy had gone.
“ Don’t forget I’ll always be with you.” Whispered a familiar voice.
“ By Envy.” Cried Enzyme. She took a deep breath and pushed the glass. The noise nearly shattered her ear drums. She clenched her ears pulled a face and ran until she reached the reception she hid in Mrs Hazes office and anxiously waited. In no time they arrived with The teachers waiting Cautiously at the door. Enzyme thought hard of what Envy said. It kept replaying in her head like a tape recorder.
“ Don’t tell, Don’t tell, Don’t tell”

End Of Episode 1

By Lorna. Denise
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