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How The Dog Got It's Fur

A myth submitted to the site by Rose Vasquez

Oregon, United States

How the Dog got her fur

Once there was a dog with very little fur. She was so cold especially since it was winter. The dog lived in a forest at the bottom of the mountain. Her cousin the fox lived in the middle of the forest, her other cousin the wolf lived at the top of the mountain.

One day dog decided she couldn’t stand the cold and decided to go to fox to learn how to get her fur. So into the forest she went to find fox. She found her cousin. She went to him and said “I came to get my fur fox, so I won’t be as cold as ice.”
“Well you came to the wrong place. It’s wolf that knows the answer. She will help you but I can get you to her because I know where she is most of the time.”
So dog and fox went off to find wolf. And there they found her at the top of the mountain listening to the wind to sniff out her prey.

Dog went to wolf and said “Wolf I have come to take the challenge to get my fur.”
“Well are you sure you’re ready cause you have to do something that I think will be a little tough for you. If you think you’re ready go for it.”
Wolf lead dog to the highest mountain in the forest, there it started snowing hard but at last they were at the top of the mountain. The cold was painful.
"Okay the challenge is whoever can stay in the cold for the longest is the winner and gets whatever he or she wants" said wolf.

At last it started it was freezing. Dog could feel her blood begin to harden. Wolf was laying down not even trembling. Suddenly dog began rolling around, even on wolf! Wolf looked surprised. Some brown stuff began popping out of dog. Dog got her fur! Dog was so surprised she howled. Wolf and Fox joined her howling. When Dog was completely covered in fur they began their journey home. Dog no longer trembled with cold.

By Rose Vasquez
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