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The Missing Grand Mage

A myth submitted to the site by Yellowed Ranger

Castle , Wales

Once upon a time there was a girl called Rainbow who is the grand mage. She is chasing someone in the castle. Last night in the dark there was an intruder sneaking around in the castle? I woke up in the night. I saw a good guy in the dark. It was Fenton Hardy the famous detective and his two sons called Frank and Joe. I will tell you on the way to my castle.
“Come in to my office to talk in private. Rainbow, are you the grand mage?”
“Yes I am the grand mage of the castle”. Fenton Hardy was told by Tanith Low that she had a note for the grand mage. Tanith Low handed over the note. I read the note. It said that your grand mage is threatened because she is sixteen and a little young to be the grand mage. She has to be seventeen to be the grand mage. When Rainbow saw the note she was a little bit shocked. She didn’t know who sent the note. She thought it could be Thurid Guild who used to be the grand mage of the Irish sanctuary. He has already said I am too young.

Everyone went to bed because they were tired. They all tried to think about who sent the note. It is a mystery who gave it to Tanith Low. In The morning we will be able to work it out when we are not tired. The next morning I walked to Big Jet where my partner Vanessa was. Fenton Hardy told his two sons to follow the Grand Mage. My partner, Vanessa walked around big jet to make sure he was ready for catching bad guys. Rainbow walked off and someone sneaked in front of her, it was Davina Marr.She talked to Rainbow to distract her and someone sneaked behind Rainbow, it was Remus Crux. Frank and Joe were in the bushes and they saw Remus Crux and Davina Marr.They were closing in on Rainbow one from the back and one from the front. The next thing they knew, Rainbow had disappeared. Remus and Davina took her to the dark sanctuary of Thurid Guild.

My partner, Vanessa, came back behind Big Jet and she was a little bit shocked. “Where has Rainbow gone?” she shouted. Frank and Joe Hardy came out of the bushes.
“We should tell the people in the council of elders, Erskine Ravel and Ghastly Bespoke” they said together. Meanwhile in the dark sanctuary, Rainbow was in a cell. Her hands and feet were tied with a ropes and she was lying on the floor. “Let me out, I will get you for this!” she shouted. Davina just laughed.

All of the team of detectives were looking for Rainbow. Vanessa, who is a Nyelock, was sniffing the trail on the ground. She could smell the lavender perfume spray that Rainbow used. They all ran to the dark sanctuary. It was guarded by Cleavers.
“How are we going to get in?” said the skeleton.
“Maybe Tanith Low and Spring-Heeled Jack could distract the bad guys to come outside,” said Valkyrie. “When they come out to see what is making the racket we can run in through the door.”

The bad guys ran out and the team of detectives ran in through the door. Then they walked through the dark corridors to the cells. In one of the cell they found the missing grand mage.
“Are you Ok?” said Fenton Hardy and Carson Drew
“Yes I am fine. Thanks for coming to my rescue can you untie these rope?” when they untied me, my legs were a little bit weak. The skeleton carried me to the sanctuary, my castle. I will be safe here and I can plan my revenge.

The End

By Yellowed Ranger
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